Hove Station Area Masterplan – Headlines from consultation on draft SPD (Dec 2020 – Feb 2021)

54 responses received:

·         22 responses received from a range of organisations – including statutory bodies, amenity and interest groups and landowners

·         32 responses (anonymised) received via council’s consultation portal

Key responses

·         Feedback received via portal largely positive/very positive (although some negative)

·         Brighton & Hove Bus Company – response sent by Gerald Eve acknowledging joint proactive working between bus company and BHCC re. progressing investment in bus garage; some changes to SPD requested -  remove allocation of ‘pocket park’ from their land, ensure continued access to east garage; reverse proposed phasing re. relocation of bus depot (so redevelopment of east depot development is medium term and west depot is long term)

·         Network Rail – Go Ahead Group have made enquiries with NR to purchase land between bus depot and station car park to expand depot – this would conflict with objective for high rise development; NR are working with BHCC and stakeholders to accommodate new footbridge.

·         Railway Heritage Trust (also part of Network Rail) – Their key focus is on any improvements to listed station and footbridge. Happy with the proposal to date.

·         Matsim Properties (freeholder of 3 key sites in masterplan core area) – complain that inadequate meetings were held with them in drawing-up the draft SPD; location of proposed pocket park is poor and should be shifted eastwards between Hove Gardens site and Goldstone Villas; inconceivable that development of NR car park/western bus depot could come forward in advance of relocation of bus depot; would welcome opportunity for further discussions on various points raised.

·         Highways England – Highlighted unresolved responses it has made to evidence base for City Plan Part 2 (CPP2) including that it is currently not satisfied that CPP2 won’t have detrimental impact on strategic road network; however, no comments specifically relating to proposals in the SPD.

·         Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum – General comments highlighting where SPD reflects Neighbourhood Plan, where masterplan should go further (e.g. defining numbers of residential units to be delivered, amount of affordable housing); request for creation of a Partnership (to include a role for the Forum) in implementing the masterplan.

·         Historic England - No major comments but highlight need for heritage issues to be fully taken into account (particularly the listed station) and need to involve council’s conservation team at an early stage.

·         Royal Mail – General support for inclusion of RM site in masterplan area – but reference should be made to reflect RM-funded Conran capacity study of site.