Appendix 4 – Summary of New and Revised Policies

New Policy

Policies to be Replaced

Reasons for Review


n/a – new policy

To provide support for construction techniques that use fewer aggregates in order to reduce the transportation and use of minerals and mitigate against climate change.

RW1 - Sustainable Locations for Waste Development

WMP7 and 7a - Sustainable Locations for Waste Development

To clarify an ambiguity in the existing policy requirements.

RM1 – Provision of Aggregates

WMP11 – Provision of Aggregates

To reassess the approach to aggregates provision in line as the permitted aggregate reserves in the Plan Area will be exhausted before the end of the Plan period. Following consideration of reasonable alternatives, the new approach does not allocate any additional sites, but will continue reliance on the existing extraction site, imported material and recycled aggregate.

RM2 – Provision of Clay

WMP13 – Provision of Clay

To allocate a new area for clay extraction at the existing Aldershaw Quarry for a submission to the ‘call for sites’.

RM3 - Safeguarding Minerals Resources

WMP14 - Safeguarding Minerals Resources

SP8 - Minerals Safeguarding Areas for land won minerals resources within the Plan Area

To consolidate the policy requirements into a single policy for added clarity.

RM4 - Prior Extraction of Minerals

n/a – new policy

New policy requirement to require extraction of mineral resources prior to alternative development proposals commencing within Minerals Safeguarding Areas in some circumstances.

RM5 - Safeguarding Wharves and Railheads

WMP15 - Safeguarding Railheads and Wharves

SP9 - Safeguarding wharves and railheads within the Plan Area

To incorporate reference to the ‘agent of change’ principle introduced in the revised National Planning Policy Framework

RM6 - Safeguarding facilities for concrete batching, coated materials manufacture and other concrete products with the Plan Area

SP10 Safeguarding facilities for concrete batching, coated minerals manufacture and other concrete products within the Plan Area

To remove the list of safeguarded facilities from the policy wording and instead illustrate on the Policies Map, to enable easier updating.

RM7 - Minerals Consultation Areas

SP11 Minerals Consultation Areas

To revise the extents of Mineral Consultation Areas to take into account the constraints of each site.

RD1 - Environment and Environmental Enhancement

WMP27 - Environment and Environmental Enhancement

1. To add a requirement for a net gain in biodiversity.

2. To update the policy requirements to take into account the judgement in Wealden District Council v. Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Lewes District Council and South Downs National Park Authority [2017]