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question may ask one relevant supplementary question, which shall be put and

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The following written questions have been received:


1)    Mr M Cattermole – Inflatable Water Park


Neighbouring towns offer ski or snowboarding centres which Brighton appears to not have this on offer I can only imagine this is due to funding. As an alternative could we not have an inflatable water park either seasonal or perm basis which would create revenue, employment along with health benefits. This could get funding from NHS or Princess Trust on each inflatable advertisements to again support ongoing revenue. Possible locations Hove Lagoon.


The water park could run with minimal staffing, offering life guard courses.


° Wet suits & Buoyancy Jackets



2)    Mr M Strong – Footway Access for All


On 8 Oct 2019 I asked ETS committee how BHCC would reduce the impact of roadworks which make it difficult for people to walk safely and conveniently. Some of these are at development sites and obstruct footways, accompanied by hazardous crossings. Many totally block disabled people and anyone with a pushchair. Although action was promised, new sites continue to significantly impact walking in the city, eg Met College, Cheapside and many other locations.

A case-by-case approach doesn’t seem to be working. Will the council introduce planning policy guidance requiring developments to maintain full footway access for all, including disabled people?"


3)    Mrs N Bos – Communication from BHCC about Domestic Abuse


In the Community Safety and Crime Reduction Strategy 2020-23 the gaps and priorities for domestic abuse include:



The previous Domestic Abuse provider, RISE, developed a single, integrated, entrance to local services, the Sussex Portal.  Leaflets, cards, social media and communications were then coordinated with RISE’s own comprehensive website to highlight local services and resources.  BHCC recommend residents visit the Stonewater and Victim Support websites where there is zero local information. We are almost 6 months into the new contract. When will a comprehensive, local, communication strategy be delivered?