Brighton & Hove City Council


Policy & Resources Committee


4.00pm1 July 2021


Hove Town Hall - Council Chamber




Present:   Councillor Mac Cafferty (Chair) Appich (Joint Opposition Spokesperson) and Bell (Group Spokesperson).


Also present via Teams virtually: Standing Invitee Dr Anusree Biswas Sasidharan








1                Procedural Business


(a)          Declarations of Substitutes


1.1         There were no declarations of Substitutes.


(b)          Declarations of Interest


1.2         There were no declarations of interests in matters listed on the agenda.


(c)          Exclusion of Press and Public


1.3         The Committee considered whether the press and public should be excluded from the meeting during the consideration of any of the items listed on the agenda.


1.4         RESOLVED: That the press and public be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the items contained in part two of the agenda.




2                Minutes


2.1            The minutes of the last meeting held on the 13 May 2021 were approved as a correct record of the proceedings.




3                Chair's Communications


3.1            The Chair gave the following communications, I once again want to thank colleagues for their efforts to help keep Covid cases low in the city and with particular reference to the arrangements we have in the meeting today too. As people will know our city, and particularly our younger population, are facing the serious challenge of the much more transmissible Delta variant and cases have soared in recent weeks. My concerns are particularly for those who are not vaccinated, our younger age groups who are particularly affected – and of course as a younger city we are more at risk. Some of our recent population data tells us more than a fifth of our total population (21%) are aged between 19-28 – compared to only 12% in the South East or 13% in England – and as we know this age group is only just becoming eligible for their first dose of the vaccine. We’re also concerned about the impact on our schools and as I’ve said before, we’ve made it clear we back schools who are opting to be firmer on mask wearing at this time.


In addition to this, people will know there have been a number of cases in bars and pubs in the city - and this again reflects the fact we know our hospitality sector is over-represented by a younger workforce too.


In line with all of this and our hopes for a positive future for our city, and to support all the venues and staff that have worked so hard to get to this point, I want to take this opportunity to stress that we do need to be extra careful and that we can still go the extra mile to protect each other from transmission of Delta, even if we have been vaccinated.


In line with scientific advice, I’d like to urge people to meet outside where possible, take up the vaccine and undertake regular testing. It was great to see really long queues of people lining up to take advantage of drop-in vaccination hubs last weekend as part of a brilliant push from the NHS and the good news is you can also go on the NHS vaccine booking website and potentially bring your second dose forward – I’ve done this myself so can confirm it is relatively quick and easy!


We agreed a process at annual council for shorter meetings to reflect Covid-19; and that we would give officers room to move things forward through delegated powers. There are of course a number of other items on today’s agenda, and you’ll be aware of those that are listed in the supporting pack of reports, published with the agenda, that councillors in this meeting have already approved for officers to undertake via delegated powers. This includes our plans to reinvest in our sports facilities and, to invest £2.7m in the much-needed refurbishment of public toilets in the city that have a high footfall. In particular I hope this underlines our commitments to improving the look and feel of the city and enhancing our health and wellbeing.


We do have a number of items on today’s agenda that are still to be debated and in the interest of protocols regarding keeping this meeting short I will proceed.




4                Call Over


4.1            The Head of Democratic Services confirmed that the following items had been reserved for discussion:


Item 7          Targeted Budget Management (TBM) Provisional Outturn 2020/21

Item 10        Budget Planning and Resource Update 2022/23

Item 11        i360 Loan Agreement

Item 13        Fair and Inclusive Update Including Ethnicity Pay Gap

Item 14        Report on Members Allowances

Item 16        Supported Housing for People with Physical Disabilities


4.2            The Head of Democratic Services confirmed that the following items had not been called and the recommendations in the reports had therefore been approved:


Item 8            Targeted Budget Management (TBM) 2021/22: Month 2 (May);

Item 9            Treasury Management Strategy Statement 2020-21 – End of Year Review

Item 12          Corporate Cleaning Contract – July 2021

Item 15          Old Steine and Palace Pier Appropriation from General Fund to Housing Revenue Account

Item 17          Covid-19 Bus Network Recovery Plan

Item 18          Appointment to the Aquifer Partnership

Item 19          Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

Item 21          Supported Housing for People with Physical Disabilities on Knoll House Site – Exempt Category 3

Item 22          Covid-19 Bus Network Recovery Plan – Exempt Category 3




5                Public Involvement


5.1            The Chair noted that 3 public questions had been listed on the agenda, however the first should not have been accepted as it was similar to one asked at the recent meeting of the TECC committee and had therefore been ruled out. He then invited Mr Perrin to put his question to the meeting.


5.2            Mr Perrin asked the following question, I’ve spoken with many councillors about basketball, disability sports, community sports roles, and return of The Brighton Bears.


It appears surveys, reviews, assessments, and sports needs plans are underway to make the leisure offer and sports facilities improve shortly. Everybody within the council I have engaged with shares the passion for this city to bring the community leisure sports facilities into the 21st century.


Would Members of the committee accept an invitation to visit some of the multi-sport community venues in other cities with my organisation so that those plans are made after seeing proven successful venues in other cities?


5.3            The Chair replied, the council’s Sports Facilities Investment Plan is within the agenda of this meeting, having been approved under special delegated authority for officers. The Plan  provides the overarching strategy for the development of the council’s sports facilities across the city and emphasises the importance of those facilities to the health and well-being of residents. In addition, there will be the establishment of a new cross-party Member Working Group to lead its implementation. The working group is looking at funding routes available to develop sports facilities to the standard residents expect.   At the moment we are also looking at enhancing our current facilities. We share your vision that Brighton & Hove should be become better known for its sporting offer, especially as we recover from the pandemic – we’ve never more valued good health so we’re keen to enhance the sport offer I the facility and take up the opportunity to grow it whenever we can.


From recent meetings with Councillors and officers, we have discussed with you how the  facilities proposed by the Brighton Bears could came into being.  This included how funds would be raised by Brighton Bears and how the operation of a facility would be self-funding.  Councillors are keen and willing to learn from elsewhere and your invitation will be forwarded to the new Member Working Group when it is established.   We have in the past taken the opportunity to visit other sports facilities in order to learn from examples of good practice and we will continue to do, so thank you for the invitation.


Even before the working groups begins, if you have some good examples of how the facility proposed by Brighton Bears operates successfully elsewhere, I am very happy to look over the detail of how these have been made to work.  Let’s continue the conversation.


5.4            Mr Perrin thanked the Chair for his reply and stated that he hoped they could work together going forward out of the pandemic.


5.5            The Chair then invited Mr Hart to put his question to the meeting.


5.6            Mr Hart asked the following question, is it the case that new rules on petitions and post-codes ratified last May puts into question petitions debated at Full Council and which formed (and still forms) part of a mandate for BHCC policy?


5.7            The Chair replied, the Council’s Petitions Scheme (which forms a key part of the Constitution) has not been modified since December 2019 and may only be amended by a decision of full Council. At the Policy & Resources Committee meeting of 13 May 2021, that Committee decided to make a recommendation to full Council that it formally adopt proposals to amend the Council’s petitions arrangements, including a requirement that all supporters of a petition (whether submitted on paper or via the Council website) demonstrate that they live, work and/or study in the area of B&H by providing a relevant postcode. The revised wording also aims to ensure consistency by encouraging the same practice in relation to petitions received via outside portals. However, these changes are not yet in place and will not take effect unless and until they are formally approved by the next meeting of full Council on 15 July 2021.  If approved, the changes will have no retrospective impact on any debates that have taken place to date.


5.8            Mr Hart stated that the petition had resulted from a question not being answered at the CYP&S committee and that it was unfair this failure could not be challenged.


5.9            The Chair noted the comment and stated that the rationale for the petition scheme had been explained.




6                Member Involvement


6.1            The Chair noted that 2 Member questions had been submitted by Councillor Fishleigh and that since the publication of the agenda, Councillor Fishleigh had confirmed that she was happy to receive written responses. He would therefore ensure they were sent and recorded in the minutes.


Note:     The written responses to the questions are detailed below:


6.2            (1 What is the council’s plan for the land it owns to the north and south of the Gasworks site?


6.3            An initial enquiry was received from St William to purchase the small sites to the north and south of the gasworks site owned by the Council.  No decision has been made in respect of the disposal of the sites at this stage as the Council is still considering the best use of the sites and once agreed a recommendation will be made to Policy & Resources Committee.


6.4            When will the council be putting the land that it owns in Roedean known as The Paddock up for sale and will you be securing planning permission before the sale?


6.5            Disposal options for the land at Roedean, known as Land at The Cliff or The Paddock, are being  considered.  It is proposed to the bring the site forward to Policy & Resources Committee later this year with a recommendation for disposal. The current recommendation is to market the site without planning permission as parties will want to make their own decision on how they wish to bring the site forward.  The site has Land Registry Title restrictions limiting any form of development to the building of 16 detached private dwellings having a maximum height of 30 feet on the land. In recognition that this is a potential housing site for 16 homes, there is a commitment to use part of the receipt to progress the development of 16 council owned affordable homes on another site.




7                Targeted Budget Management (TBM) Provisional Outturn 2020/21


7.1            The Acting Chief Finance Officer introduced the report which detailed the provisional outturn position (i.e. Month 12 year-end) on the council’s revenue and capital budgets for the financial year 2020/21. He noted that the council set aside a £0.750m risk provision to mitigate risks identified at the time of setting the budget. However, £0.575m of this was applied to meet the additional costs of the pay award, confirmed at 2.75%, and the remaining £0.175m has previously been released to support the forecast outturn position. The report also indicated that £2.909m (28%) of the substantial savings package in 2020/21 of £10.291m was unachieved. Most of this (£2.303m) was due to pressures arising from COVID-19 for which grant support has been provided.


7.2            Councillor Bell moved an amendment on behalf of the Conservative Group, which was formally seconded by Councillors Mac Cafferty and Appich.


7.3            Councillor Appich moved an amendment on behalf of the Labour Group, which was formally seconded by Councillors Mac Cafferty and Bell.


7.4            The Committee welcomed the report and thanked the officers for the work that had been undertaken during the year and in bringing the report forward. The Members of the committee also noted the Chief Finance Officer’s comments that were included with the amendments.


7.5            The Chair then put the Labour amendment to the vote which was carried by 2 votes to 1.


7.6            The Chair then put the Conservative amendment to the vote which was lost by 2 votes to 1.


7.7         The Chair then put the recommendations as amended to the vote which were carried unanimously.


7.8         RESOLVED:


(1)       That the Committee note that the provisional General Fund outturn position is an underspend of £9.733m and that this represents an improvement of £4.921m compared to the projected and planned resource position at Month 19 taken into account when setting the 2021/22 budget.

(2)      That the Committee note the provisional outturn includes an underspend of £0.989m on the council’s share of the NHS managed Section 75 services.

(3)      That the Committee approve General Fund carry forward requests totalling £5.321m as detailed in Appendix 5 and included in the provisional outturn.

(4)      That the Committee approve the proposed allocation of additional available outturn resources of £4.921m as set out in the table at paragraph 10.4 as adjusted for recommendation 2.9.1 and 2.9.2.

(5)      That the Committee note the provisional outturn for the separate Housing Revenue Account (HRA), which is an underspend of £0.436m.

(6)      That the Committee note the provisional outturn position for the ring-fenced Dedicated Schools Grant, which is an underspend of £0.746m.

(7)      That the Committee note the provisional outturn position on the capital programme which is an underspend variance of £7.132m.

(8)      That the Committee approve the capital budget variations and re-profiling requested in Appendix 7.

(9)      That the figures in 10.4 are amended as follows: The repayment of financial smoothing to be reduced to £2.450m, and that £0.020m be added to the corporate delivery plan risk provision, making available a total of up to £0.259m. The total fund to include consideration of the following projects:

·           Park and Ride Project feasibility study - enhance the existing allocated budget to ensure that multiple locations can be explored with a view of linking this to planned transport hubs

·           EV Car co-op Pilot setup costs - to set up pilot schemes in three initial locations

·           Procurement / Community Wealth Building - to add to existing budgets to ensure the procurement team have capacity to deliver community wealth building by using the Council’s purchasing power at pace.

·           One off investment to catch up with pavement weeds - funding for more city clean staff to clear up street and kerbside weeds and support and enable community initiatives to de weed and plant kerbside flowers in appropriate available ground.

·           Tidy up teams funding increase - to allocate additional resources to deal with litter and graffiti issues

·           Support for 20 mile an hour city - allocate funding for feasible local projects and interventions ahead of a city-wide scheme

·           20-minute neighbourhood initiatives - support a feasibility study and report to identify an area for a full-scale pilot scheme with measurable outcomes

·           Investment in Parks - additional wilding & other projects - to include local wilding landscape schemes designed by park “friends”, adding fencing and other infrastructure as necessary

(10)   That an additional provision of up to £0.030m be set aside from the available outturn resources for four specific projects:

·           Women's safety - carry out a city-wide survey of how safe women feel in the city, and a study on how safe they are in the city, working with police and other agencies as necessary

·           Care co-ops feasibility study - develop a model of co-operative care services for homecare in the city for older adults and those with disabilities, in co-production with client groups

·           EUSS additional support for NRPF residents - identify problems our less settled / homeless communities will experience after 30 June as their status changes, working with existing voluntary and community organisations to provide support

·           Marriage notices fee waiver - to extend the fee waiver for couples getting married until 31 March 2022

(11)   That a sum of up to £0.055m be set aside from the 2021/22 Contain Outbreak Management Fund (COMF) grant for the following:

·           VCS Recovery fund - adding £0.020m funds for the voluntary and community sector as they come out of the pandemic – to be agreed by the members’ advisory group (MAG)

·           One to one / small group catch up support/tuition: 1000 hours - £0.035m for one to one and small groups to help address attainment gaps

(12)   That the Committee approve the creation of the Overdown rise Footpath Maintenance Reserve as set out in 9.10.

(13)   That any unspent Corporate plan delivery risk provision or additional projects provision in 2.9.2 above be returned and be applied to reduce 2021/22 financial smoothing (i.e. to repay reserves).

(14)   That the Committee delegate the allocation of the Corporate Plan Delivery Risk provision and the additional projects provision as set out in paragraph 2.9.2 to the Chief Finance Officer following consultation with the Member Budget Review Group as set out in paragraph 10.3iv).



8                Targeted Budget Management (TBM) 2021/22: Month 2 (May)


8.1            RESOLVED:


(1)      That the forecast risk position for the General Fund, which indicates a potential forecast overspend risk of £6.205m and that this is net of an underspend of £0.308m on the council’s share of the NHS managed Section 75 services be noted;


(2)      That the forecast for the Housing Revenue Account (HRA), which is currently an overspend of £0.034m be noted;


(3)      That the forecast risk position for the Dedicated Schools Grant which is an overspend of £0.138m be noted; and


(4)      That the forecast outturn position on the capital programme which is a forecast underspend of £2.342m be noted and the variations and slippage in Appendix 5 and new schemes as set out in Appendix 6 to the report be approved.




9                Treasury Management Strategy Statement 2020-21 - End of Year Review


9.1            RESOLVED:


(1)      That the key actions taken during the second half of 2020/21 to meet the TMSS and practices (including the investment strategy) as set out in the report be noted;


(2)      That the reported compliance with the AIS for the six-month period up to the end of March 2021 be noted; and


(3)      That the approved maximum indicator for investment risk of 0.05% has been adhered to and the authorised borrowing limit and operational boundary have not been exceeded be noted.




10             Budget planning and Resource Update 2022/23


10.1         The Acting Chief Finance Officer introduced the report which provided a budget planning and resource update in preparation for the start of the 2022/23 annual budget setting process and in the context of the ongoing pandemic.


10.2         Members of the Committee noted the report and asked whether there was a recovery plan for areas of social deprivation as a result of the impact of the pandemic.


10.3         The Acting Chief Finance Officer noted that resources had been set aside as part of the corporate wide objectives and that alternative budget proposals could be brought forward as part of the budget planning process.


10.4         The Chair noted that a report was due to the come to the P&R Recovery Sub-Committee in July which would outline key aspects for the recovery from the pandemic and potential projects that could be taken forward.


10.5         RESOLVED:


(1)      That the funding and net expenditure projections for 2022/23, based on the three planning scenarios be noted;


(2)      That the Medium-Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) projections for 2022/23 to 2024/25 and the predicted budget gaps based on a ‘midpoint’ planning scenario be noted;


(3)      That the proposed approach to planning for and managing specified demand-led budgets be noted; and


(4)      That it be agreed that officers should draw up 3-year budget strategies, including associated cost management measures for demand-led services, together with budget proposals to manage any remaining budget gap across all other services, and report back with draft budget proposals to the December Policy & Resources Committee




11             i360 Loan Agreement


11.1         The Assistant Director, City Regeneration & Development introduced the report which outlined proposals for ongoing measures necessary to support the continued working cashflow of the i360 during the Covid-19 pandemic. He noted that the overall visitor economy had reduced, although with lockdown measures being eased figures were encouraging for June and the Member Working Group was continuing to monitor the situation.


11.2         Members of the Committee noted the information and expressed their hope that the i360 would be able to come through the recovery period and welcomed the support from officers on the loan restructure. However, concern remained on the viability of the project and the Council’s position in relation to the loan repayment. The need to work with the i360 team was noted and that fundamentally everyone concerned wanted it to be successful.


11.3         The Chair then put the recommendations to the vote which were carried.


11.4         RESOLVED:


(1)      That it be agreed to defer the loan payment due in June 2021, but request that any funds over and above the cashflow necessary to keep the attraction operational are paid to the Council in part payment of the sums owed;


(2)      That the ongoing meetings and information provision between the i360 management and board and the i360 Member Working Group be noted;


(3)      That it be noted that the terms of the loan restructure, agreed in December 2019, should now be implemented ahead of the December loan repayment, and that confirmation of the final detailed terms of the restructure will come to this committee for confirmation before that payment becomes payable; and


(4)      That it be noted that officers have progressed the novation of the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) loan agreed at Policy & Resources Committee in December 2019 and that execution of the agreement is imminent.




12             Corporate Cleaning Contract - July 2021


12.1         RESOLVED:


(1)      That the market engagement and stakeholder feedback in relation to this procurement as agreed at PAB 14th June 2021 set out in paragraph 3 be noted;


(2)      That an amendment to the previously proposed lot structure of three geographical lots to a lot structure of three service type building based lots with lots to be split to contain a core element of sites/services within each lot be approved; and


(3)      That the amendment of the previously proposed restricted tender process to an open tender process be approved.




13             Fair & Inclusive update including ethnicity pay gap


13.1         The Head of Human Resources introduced the report which outlined the ethnicity pay gap and provided an update on the Fair and Inclusive Action Plan that was endeavouring to address the pay gap that exists. She stated that there was still a lot of work to do to ensure a consistent approach across the council and that Directorates were working hard to take the action plan forward.


13.2         Members of the Committee welcomed the report and noted that there was still work to do and that the appointment of a Disability Officer had been delayed. It was hoped that this would be taken forward and that further consideration would be given to how various minority groups were recognised rather than all being included under BME.


13.3         Councillor Appich then moved an amendment on behalf of the Labour Group which was formally seconded by Councillors Bell and Mac Cafferty.


13.4         Members of the Committee suggested that future reports should include a breakdown of the elements and contextualise the figures relating to the pay gaps. It was felt that there was a need to improve how the information was collated and reported so that it could be better understood. It was also suggested that more action and collaboration with the BME Workers Forum would be beneficial in taking matters forward.


13.5         The Chair noted the comments and stated that further work could be taken forward. He then put the amendment to the vote which was carried and therefore put the recommendations as amended to the vote which were carried.


13.6         RESOLVED:


(1)      That the reports and the median ethnicity pay gap – as currently calculated - of 3.1% be noted;


(2)      That officers be instructed to produce annual ethnicity pay gap reporting in line with the gender pay gap reporting schedule;


(3)      That it be requested that in these future reports, the ethnicity pay gap is broken down into the categories Black Asian Minority Ethnic British, Black Asian Minority Ethnic Other, White British, White Irish, White Other, rather than the current White British/All Other;


(4)      That it be requested that disability pay gap reporting is also produced annually going forward;


(5)      That the Council continues to support and champion the actions within the Fair & Inclusive Action Plan.




14             Report on Members Allowances - July 2021


14.1         The Executive Lead Officer for Strategy, Governance & Law introduced the report which outlined the report of the Independent Remuneration Panel and its recommendations on the proposed changes to the Members Allowances Scheme. He noted that the Panel had met to review the Scheme and had received representations from Members both in person and in writing. He noted that the Panel’s recommendations were intended to be fair and cost neutral and that whilst the majority had been well received by Members, the Panel recognised that there was no consensus in relation to parking facilities. He also noted that whilst full Council was required to take the Panel’s recommendations into account, it was not bound by them.


14.2         The Committee welcomed the report and thanked the Panel for their work and noted their recommendations. It was also noted that there was no consensus in regard to the Panel’s recommendations and therefore the Chair stated that he would put each recommendation to the vote separately.


14.3         The Chair then put the recommendations to the vote and the outcome of these is listed below:


(i)     Recommendation 1 Carried

(ii)    Recommendation 2 Lost

(iii)   Recommendation 3 Caried

(iv)  Recommendation 4 Carried.




(1)      That recommendation 3.1 as set out in the IRP report relating to job sharing roles be agreed;


(2)      That Recommendation 3.3 as set out in the attached IRP report relating to an allowance for co-optees who attend committee in a personal capacity be agreed; and


(3)      That the Executive Lead Officer for Strategy, Governance & Law be granted delegated authority to update Council Procedure Rules to reflect the agreement in relation to the job sharing of roles as referred to in paragraph 3.2 of this report and to publish the revised Members Allowances Scheme.




15             Old Steine and Palace Place appropriation from General Fund to Housing Revenue Account


15.1         RESOLVED:


(1)      That it be agreed to proceed with Option A (the appropriation and development of a 100% affordable, 11-home housing scheme to meet demand for temporary accommodation);


(2)      That a budget of up to £2.660m to be included in the HRA capital programme for 2021/22 financed by HRA borrowing, right to buy Receipts, general capital receipts and HRA reserves be agreed; and


(3)      That the Executive Director of Housing, Neighbourhoods & Communities be granted delegated authority to appropriate 62-63 Old Steine & 3-4 Palace Place from the General Fund to the Housing Revenue Account and agrees that the General Fund is compensated by £0.890m.




16             Supported housing for people with physical disabilities on Knoll House site


16.1         The Executive Director for Health & Adult Social Care introduced the report which outlined the proposed options for the future of Knoll House Resource Centre. He noted that the Adult Social Care & Public Health Sub-Committee had approved the option to demolish and build a 3-story Supported Housing service on the site.


16.2         The Commissioning & Performance Manager gave a short presentation on the proposed options and noted that the costs referred to in the report had been updated. She also noted that a further report would be brought to committee later in the year on the progress of the project.


16.3         Councillor Bell moved an amendment on behalf of the Conservative Group which was formally seconded by Councillors Appich and Mac Cafferty.


16.4         The Chair noted that future reports would go to the Adult Social Care & Public Health Sub-Committee and put the amendment to the vote which was carried.


16.5         The Chair then put the recommendations as amended to the vote which were carried.


16.6         RESOLVED:


(1)      That the preferred option to demolish and build a 3-storey Supported Housing service on the site of the Knoll House care home be approved;

(2)     That a capital programme budget up to a maximum of £10.500m for the delivery of a Supported Housing service to be financed through capital borrowing and a Homes England bid. (or the difference between £10.500m and the sum released by Homes England) be approved;

(3)     That the Executive Director of Health & Adult Social Care be granted delegated authority in consultation with the Executive Director for Finance & Resources to enter into the necessary contracts (including with a development partner as necessary) to secure:

(i)      The demolition of the existing building;

(ii)     The Design and Build operations required to complete the development of the Supported Housing service at Knoll House as described in this report; and

(iii)    The housing management, repairs and maintenance function.


(4)     That extensive consultation is carried out with Ward Councillors and residents of the Ingram Estate to address any impact on nearby residents, surrounding trees and the communal garden of Sanders House.




17             Covid 19 Bus Network Recovery Plan


17.1         RESOLVED:


(1)      That a short-term (up to two years) extension to the existing supported bus service contracts for services 37/37B, 21, Breeze to the Downs and school services be agreed;


(2)      That it be agreed to re-procure temporary short-term (up to two years) contracts for routes 16, 47, 52 and 57;


(3)      That it be agreed to extend contracts for routes 16, 47, 52 & 57 for no longer than the end of April 2022 should retendering not be possible before September 2021 or should the tender process for these services be unsuccessful;


(4)      That it be agreed to continue to provide additional financial support to operators where necessary in light of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic for the duration of the contracts; and


(5)      That the postponement of the procurement process for long-term contracts for all supported bus service routes from 2021 to 2023 or sooner if there is a service need and/or market conditions allow be agreed.




18             Appointment to The Aquifer Partnership


18.1         RESOLVED: That Councillor Osborne be appointed as the Council’s representative to The Aquifer Partnership (TAP) for the remaining municipal year and through to the end of the term of the Council in May 2023.




19             Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers


19.1         RESOLVED: That the report be noted.




20             Items Referred For Council


20.1         RESOLVED: That item 7, Targeted Budget Management (TBM) Provisional Outturn 2020/21 be referred to the full Council meeting on the 15th July for information.




21             Supported Housing for People with Physical Disabilities on Knoll House site - Exempt Category 3


21.1         RESOLVED: That the information be noted.




22             Covid 19 Bus Network Recovery Plan - Exempt Category 3


22.1         RESOLVED: That the information be noted.




23             Part Two Proceedings


23.1         RESOLVED: That the items contained in Part 2 of the agenda remain exempt from disclosure to the press and public.





The meeting concluded at 6.02pm









Dated this

day of