Brighton & Hove City Council




Wednesday 18th August 2012 at 2.00 pm


Virtual Meeting






Councillors: Hugh-Jones (Chair) Hills, & Rainey


Representatives:, Eileen Stewart, Barry Hughes, David Spafford, Carl Boardman


Officers: Ododo Dafe, Glyn Huelin, Hannah Barker, Janet Dowdell, Lesley Campbell, Keely McDonald, Simon Bannister


Guests: Frank Le Duc (Press)




1.         Apologies


1.1         Apologies were received from Linda Kings and Jane Thorpe.


2.         Minutes of the Previous Meeting


2.1      The minutes of the meeting held on 26 May 2021 were agreed as an accurate record.




3.1      Ododo Dafe explained to Tenant Representatives that visitor parking on Somerset Point car park also serves Essex Place and Warwick Mount car residents. It was noted, some residents were not able to see whether vehicles were parked illegally in car park. Therefore, residents consider the councils parking permits system is ineffective and inadequate. Apologies were given to tenants that were unable to park in allocated spaces. 


3.2       It was noted that enforcement officers visit car parking facilities daily and will visit more frequently if residents contact the housing service customer service team. It was explained the council are not aware of people abusing car parking facilities. However, spaces were allocated for contractors that caried out maintenance works on estates. Residents felt virtual parking tickets were a good idea during the pandemic. It was noted warning letters have been issued to people abusing car parking bays. There are eight parking bays, and no council tenants  are currently on the waiting list.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


3.3       Questions form Tenant Representative: Discussed residents that use green parking permits, the lack of tenant’s access to visitor car parking bays also ticket holders occupying spaces although they don’t live in block.


3.3       In response from Ododo Dafe, it was explained, residents were asked to contact the council’s customer services team with vehicle registrations of cars parked illegally. It was noted, a new ticketing colour scheme will be introduced for issuing new tickets It was agreed the Council to review issuing a new system and to work collaboratively with residents in sharing ideas around providing solutions to residence car parking bays.


3.4       Tenant Representative points


o   Permit expiry dates are problematic

o   A minimal charge to use visitor bay parking spaces

o   Audit of permits and permits to be re issued to residents

o   Contractors are discouraged from parking in residence parking bays

o   Contractors to place flat numbers on permits- when carrying out works in blocks 

o   Council to overhaul Car parking system





4.1       An update on Seaside Homes was provided. It was noted charity was set up and, funded by the council, and stated trading on 11th November 2011.  The charity has provided homes for people in temporary accommodation. It was noted £28.5m capital receipts was invested in council homes.




·         All properties are in Brighton and Hove

·         Homes have solid infrastructure and governance

·         Good Audit reports since charity incorporated

·         Collaborative working with council, led to success

·         Charity purpose – Housing poverty

·         Charity Managed by councils’ tenants housing team

·         Properties on long term lease from council, Council remain the freeholder

·          Average housing rents at £184.11 a week

·         ASB helpline for support (Call (01273 294400) option 4 & 2

·         ASB review to be undertaken in September, residents to contact Kellie or Chair if they want to get involved.


4.2            Questions how tenants are represented in tenant forums. It was explained, tenants can contact the council for further information. Further, tenants have access to representatives at Seaside Homes.



4.3      Keely McDonald provided a verbal update, and asked Tenant Representatives to consider future feasible projects. The deadline for main second bid is the 31st August 2021, to be held in October. It was explained, practical support for bidding and consultation is available for residents.



·         Task and Finish Group meeting and actions identified from internal audit

·         Two meeting from (TAG) looked at streamlining application process

·         Next session on the 25th August- around improvements in transparency


4.4       It was noted that more involvement from people in the Central Ward to support Carl as a Tenant Representative. It was agreed this ward is underrepresented.


The Chair thanked Carl for all his hard work in Central Ward area.


4.5       It was noted, City Wide Conference meetings are online on Zoom. On Saturday 18th September. Theme this year is Brighton becoming a carbon city. Guest speakers and workshops will be available. Meeting invites will be sent out shortly.   


It was noted that Rosemary Johnson Chair of Leaseholder Group, Paper payments options currently in consultation. Circulation to (LH) action group, and other (LH) for feedback. All feedback / comments will be collected. A further meeting on 19th August 2021 at 7.30pm will be held and all (LH) will be welcomed.




6.1       Tenant Representatives referred to (Page 29) on report pack, that provided an overview. An apology was made for performance targets remaining at overview status. It was explained the entire performance review extends to housing, allowing residents to get a full picture of a single service. It was explained report targets were recorded as pre pandemic and should have been amended.


Highlighted areas cause for concern


·         The number of empty homes and length of time.

·          Councils back log empty homes

·         Regulatory constraints

·         Recruitment Drive, and work around apprenticeship are being undertaken

·         Turnaround 20 empty property’s a month to be accelerated

·         Routine repairs backlogs

·         Emergency repairs achieved targets (these repairs a more prioritised)

·          Lift’s restoration figure was inflated due to an administrative error


6.2       The Council were aware of the social, environmental impact of empty properties.


o   The council cannot report if (IT) issues have been fully resolved pertaining to assisted bidding.


o   Maintenance team are preparing for a large recruitment drive starting in September 2021.




Lease Holder update


Glyn Huelin explained the report will be going to the Housing Committee in September.


6.4       Highlighted key areas of report.


·         Proposed Changes to Leaseholder payment Options- (Extension of payment options) made available for non-residence leaseholders for one property, balancing interest of LH) 

·         Leaseholder satisfaction survey

·         Communication with residence on major works

·         Leaseholder process foe lease extensions

·         The council’s hire purchase policy

·         Leaseholders selling properties to the council 


6.5       It was noted that leaseholders would not be financially responsible for external repairs. However, they would be liable for contributions within their actual block. It was noted, if residence have Health & Safety concerns around maintenance work in blocks, they must be report immediately to the housing customer service team.  It was noted the council carry out statutory consultation with leaseholders which is a two-day process and takes thirty days.


Questions from panel


6.6       Tenant Representative enquired on behalf of a leaseholder and referred to (page 54) on report, item 4.2. Noting replacement of front doors was unnecessary. Further, item 4.5 on (page 55) payments and finance item were good. On (page 60) item 5.12, needed more insight into invoicing, item 5.22 leaseholder said item was ridiculous. On (page 61), item 5.22 again item noted as ridiculous.  Item 5.16 on report also needs further investigation.


Response from Officer


6.7       It was noted points from leaseholders will be reflected in the Community Engagement of report.




7.1       Thanks were extended to David Stratman for watering newly planted orchard. 




8.1      It was noted the threatening of the removal of a telegraph pole from residents in Warwick Gardens. There are possible concerns around health and safety. Further permission should be sought from provider of pole before removal.



Simon Bannister to investigate this matter.


The meeting ended at 3.56pm