26th October publication
16th December return

Procurement process


Advert published on Contracts Finder / FTS /In-Tend & ITT issued

Tuesday 26th October 2021

Site visits (if possible/if necessary)

W/C 8th November

Deadline for receipt of ITT clarification questions

2nd December

Deadline for receipt of ITT submissions 

Thursday 16th December 2021

 ITT compliance checks

16th December - 20th December

Selection Questionnaire evaluation (if questions require subject matter experts)

20th December - 24th December/early Jan

ITT Evaluation (individual evaluations)

21st December - 26th January 2022

Moderation meetings

1st February - 28th February 2022

Draft CARR & Debrief letters

W/C 28th February & W/C 7th March 2022

Approval to proceed (procurement and NHSEI)

W/C 14th March (Proc)
W/C 21st March (NHSE)

Approval to proceed (OPCCs & Police)

W/C 28th March & W/C 4th April 2022

Inform bidders of outcome – Preferred Bidder stage (if required)

11th - 26th April 2022

Standstill period

27th April - 9th May 2022

Contract award

10th May 2022


Mid May - September 2022

Service commencement

1st October 2022