Appendix 1: Options for Council-owned Heritage Assets Register

Explore options for setting up an independent group with the aim of establishing a list of all heritage assets (not including buildings) – including those in situ, in storage and undergoing repair elsewhere – for which the Council has responsibility.

Definition of Heritage Assets for the purposes of the proposed Register – assets will include monuments, statues, listed structures and street furniture (including lamp posts, railings, benches, signs, horse troughs etc that are listed or locally listed). It will not include buildings.

Options considerations for a Register of council-owned Historic Assets






1. Commission a voluntary sector commissioned Historic Asset

Register of council-owned assets


·         Prepare definitions, brief and commission voluntary sector via competitive bid for Register

·         Oversight by officer working group to support work

·         Update annually

·         Publish on website

·         Improving engagement - involving local voluntary group in identifying council-owned heritage assets.

·         Duplication of existing lists and local lists of heritage assets.

·         Officer time and resources spent on preparing brief; commissioning voluntary group; and providing oversight and support during work (officer working group).



2. Officer led – use existing Historic Asset Registers and training for officers and contractors of asset-owning on importance of assets


·         Preparation of officer led heritage register based on existing heritage lists – led by asset-owning teams

·         Officer task and finish group

·         Update annually

·         Further raise awareness of asset owning staff and contractors


·         Avoids duplication of work by utilising existing heritage asset list – collating council-owned list.

·         Focused area of work for officers

·         Added benefit of raising the profile of council-owned heritage assets to staff and contractors

·         Amenity groups can add to Register by making case to add assets to Register, List or Local List (against criteria below)

·         Additional work for officers


Preferred Option

3. Do Nothing


·         No change to existing assets listing or approach to maintaining heritage assets other than team by team proposals.

·         There are existing lists of heritage assets so no additional work for officers that will displace existing work


·         Fails to address the concerns of agreed Notice of Motion