Appendix 1


CWB Programme Planner


Meeting Date

CWB Pillar


November 2021

·         Fair employment and just labour markets.


Employment and Skills



December 2021

·         Progressive procurement of goods and services.


The bigger picture on Procurement – helping to keep value local through procurement

January 2022

·         Making financial power work for local places.



-          Credit Union

-          Financing Social Enterprise

-          On-Lending

CVS Grants Programme and CWB


February 2022

·         Plural ownership of the economy.


The Economic Picture

-          Economic Update

-          The Economic Strategy


The Circular Economy, Food and CWB

March 2022

·         Socially productive use of land and assets. 


CWB and the Regeneration Programme


Empty Property

April 2022



Arrive at a set of corporate KPIs