Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee

Agenda Item 68d(3)


Subject:                    Poor condition of pavements in Brighton and Hove

                                    Notice of Motion from the Conservative Group


Date of meeting:    18 January 2022


Proposer:                 Councillor Nemeth

Seconder:                Councillor Peltzer Dunn


Ward(s) affected:   All



This Council:

1.    Reaffirms concerns that have been raised in the past about excessive use of glyphosate herbicides;

2.    Notes widespread condemnation from residents and visitors alike of the current state of the pavements in Brighton & Hove;

3.    Further notes that allowing weeds to take hold discourages active travel; raises the chance of injury to members of various vulnerable groups; increases costs for maintenance and compensation claims; and fosters a sense of neglect in the public realm; and

4.    Calls for an urgent Officer Report to be presented to Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee that sets out how pavements in the city can be rapidly brought to a high standard without excessive use of glyphosates.



Supporting Information: