Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee

Agenda Item 68(b)


Subject:                    Member Questions


Date of meeting:    18 January 2022



The question will be answered without discussion. The person who asked the question may ask one relevant supplementary question, which shall be put and answered without discussion. The person to whom a question, or supplementary question, has been put may decline to answer it. 


The following written questions have been received from Members


(1)         Councillor Platts- Green Flag Status


I would like to commend the work of Council staff and the community on the award of prestigious Green Flags for seven of our parks and open spaces because they are well maintained, provide a good community focus and have excellent facilities. What steps are being taken to secure Green Flag status for East Brighton Park? 


(2)         Councillor Fishleigh- Bins at Saltdean Oval Park


I have been requesting new bins for Saltdean Oval Park since being elected in May 2019. Sadly, none have been forthcoming and in fact 2 have been removed. Please don’t refer to the binfrastructure survey in your answer. I don’t need a survey to know that new bins are needed in a park which is 50m from my home. If I buy bins to put by the skate park and the football court, will BHCC empty them on a regular basis please?


(3)          Councillor Fishleigh- Ovingdean Waste Bins


Residents of Ovingdean have repeatedly come to committee to ask for general waste bins to be provided on the village’s main pedestrian routes.

They have even provided suggested locations - and the residents association has said it has funds to contribute. Please would you give me an update on progress?


(4)          Councillor Fishleigh- Car Free City


Do you agree that a car-free city is not the same as a liveable city and therefore the terms shouldn’t be used interchangeably by officers or councillors at BHCC?


(5)          Councillor Fishleigh- Valley Gardens


Could you confirm the relationship between the company that manages the cameras and the fines at the Valley Gardens Bus Gates - and Project Centre, the company that managed the detailed design and delivery of the first two parts of the Valley Gardens scheme and has been awarded a similar contract for Phase 3 too?


(6)          Councillor Nemeth- Wish Park Disabled Access


What work has been carried out to restore access around the perimeter of Wish Park to all members of the community following the removal of public access along the pathway outside the Saxon Road pavilion?


(7)          Councillor Bagaeen- Mallory House Tree Removal


At the last ETS meeting, members were told that the cost of replacing one tree could run into thousands of pounds sterling. This month, the Council agreed that trees can be felled, as opposed to reducing their height, and officers issued a remedial notice to this effect. How has it become acceptable to fell healthy trees in Hove under your watch?


(8)          Councillor Nemeth- Camera Fines


           Please provide an up-to-date breakdown of camera fines to motorists, by all camera locations, detailing numbers of fines, amount raised, detail of offence, and numbers of appeals won/lost for each of the last three years.


(9)          Councillor Nemeth- Parking Permits


           What consideration has been given to extending the expiry date of visitor parking permits to take into account COVID restrictions?


(10)       Councillor Nemeth- Pavement Renewal in Conservation Areas


           Following several recent controversial incidents that have led to much protest from residents and amenity societies locally, what is the Council’s policy on replacing pavement slabs with tarmac in Conservation Areas and why does it appear to have recently changed?


(11)       Councillor Lewry- Hangleton Park budget measures


The following expenditure item was agreed to at the City Budget in March 2021:


£0.090m capital investment for: A) tree planting around phone masts; replacement play equipment in Patcham parks; resurfacing of Hangleton Park multipurpose play area; £0.020m replacement of the zip wire at Saltdean Oval Park and additional pothole repair funding. B) £0.010m invest in open space sports infrastructure such as tennis court nets and basketball hoops. The open spaces to include Hangleton and Hove seafront. C) £0.010m capital investment in replacement bins in open spaces including Hove Park, Hove Recreation ground, Greenleas Park and Knoll Park.


Please can the Chair advise the current status of the following budget expenditure projects referred to above:

i)      Resurfacing of Hangleton Park multipurpose play area.

ii)     New basketball hoops at Hangleton Park.