Draft: Infrastructure Panel Terms of Reference December 2021



Name of Group:



Infrastructure Panel


Overall Purpose of Panel:

  An expert panel to guide, influence and steer development in the city region of infrastructure related activities relating to net zero carbon.

Panel Officers:

Andy Hill Greater Brighton Economic Board Business Manager

Claudia Raistrick - Greater Brighton Economic Board Business Manager

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The team will distribute the agendas, papers and meeting notes

The team should be notified of meeting apologies and substitutions

Specific Objectives/Scope:

The Greater Brighton Infrastructure Panel comprises of representatives from organisations that have alliance to the Board and its objectives.

  To bring professional infrastructure sector knowledge and insight to the development of the Blue/Green Investment Plan and regional projects.

  Where possible, to commit to providing seed funding to get the work going, likely further funding or help with sourcing private and/or public money.

  An expert panel to guide, influence and steer development of the Blue/Green Investment Plan.

  To guide the work of the Scientific, Technical and Advisory Panel (STAP).

  To learn, develop and seek to achieve full potential, share information, experience, materials and skills to learn from each other and develop effective working practices, working collaboratively to identify solutions, eliminate duplication of effort, mitigate risk and reduce cost.

  To act as ambassadors representing and reporting back to their sector.

Guiding Principles:

         Panel members will work toward the betterment of the region as a whole, accepting that not all actions or activities of the board will have universal benefit to each component member.

         Panel members will seek to work collaboratively and in partnership


         Membership of the Board will be reviewed every two years to ensure that it remains fit for purpose

         Members should endeavour to be at all meetings; the Business Managers must be notified of meeting substitutes

Panel members:

The expert panel will consist of representatives from the following:

         University of Sussex

         University of Brighton

         Southern Water

         GBEB Leader

         GBEB Business Partner

         BHCC CEX

         Natural Capital Sector

         UK Power Networks

         Energy Company reps

         B&H Buses/Metro Bus


         South Downs National Park

Frequency of meetings:

The panel will meet 8 times a year

Reporting to:

Greater Brighton Economic Board


Suggestion: Sir Dieter Helm


Members will be mindful of political sensitivities and the need for tact and discretion in handling confidential and commercially sensitive information

Conflicts of Interest:

Members should report any conflict of interests or commercial interests and these will be noted

Terms of Reference: Approved By:

ToR Reviewed every 2 years

Date Approved:


Review Date: