Although a formal committee of Brighton & Hove City Council, the Health & Wellbeing Board has a remit which includes matters relating to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the Local Safeguarding Board for Children and Adults and Healthwatch.


Title: Brighton & Hove Safeguarding Children’s Partnership: Annual Update



Date of Meeting:


08 March 2022

Report of: The Independent Chair of the BHSCP



Contact:  Giles Rossington, Senior Policy, Partnerships & Scrutiny Officers



Tel: 01273 295514




Wards Affected: All






Executive Summary


Health & Wellbeing Boards (HWB) are required to receive for information the annual reports of local children’s and adult safeguarding partnerships. This report presents the annual update from the Brighton & Hove Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (BHSCP).







1.           Decisions, recommendations and any options



1.1        That the Board notes the information contained in this report and its appendix (BHSCP Annual Report 2020-21)




2.      Relevant information


2.1       The Brighton & Hove Safeguarding Children Partnership (BHSCP) is independently chaired and consists of three key agencies who collectively hold statutory responsibilities for keeping children and young people safe: the Local Authority (through Families, Children and Learning), Health (through Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group) and Sussex Police.

2.2       The BHSCP’s objectives are to:

·         Co-ordinate local work undertaken by all agencies and individuals to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people

·         Ensure the effectiveness of that work

2.3       Chris Robson, BHSCP’s independent scrutineer, chairs the Partnership and is responsible for considering how effectively the local safeguarding arrangements are working for children and families as well as for practitioners, and how well the safeguarding partners are providing strong leadership.

2.4      Health & Wellbeing Boards are required to receive for information and discussion annual reports/updates from the relevant local safeguarding children’s partnership. The BHSCP Annual Report 2020-21 is included as Appendix 1 to this report.




3.      Important considerations and implications




3.1      As described in the body of this report Health & Wellbeing Boards (HWB) are required to receive for information the annual reports of local children’s and adult safeguarding partnerships. The report is for noting only.




            Lawyer consulted:        Sandra O’Brien                        Date: 18/02/202





3.1         There are no financial implications as a result of the recommendations of this report.




Finance Officer consulted:     David Ellis                     Date: 18/02/22




3.2         Information on how the BHSCP focuses on equalities issues are detailed in the BHSCP Annual Report  (Appendix 1)




3.3         None identified in this report to note.


Health, social care, children’s services and public health:


3.4         The BHSCP membership includes representatives from social care, children’s services and health. The BHSCP Annual Update (Appendix 1) includes more information on all of these areas.




Supporting documents and information


            Appendix1: BHSCP Annual Report 2020-21