TECC Committee

Agenda Item


Subject:                    Addressing the climate and biodiversity emergency through our planning process


Date of meeting:    11 March 2022


Proposer:                 Councillor Osborne

Seconder:                Councillor Ebel


Ward(s) affected:   All



That this Council resolves:         


1.    That officers introduce a Climate Change and Biodiversity Crisis Checklist for all new build planning applications that will

a.    Bring together, replace (where relevant) and update all of the information currently required with new applications into to a single checklist setting out how the application responds to policies, guidance and the climate change and biodiversity crisis;

b.    Assess best practice from other local planning authorities and add to the checklist

c.     That these checklists will be monitored, and the outcomes published annually in the Authority Monitoring Report

d.    That officers propose measures to check implementation.

2.    Officers agree the proposals with the Executive Director of EEC and the co-chairs of TECC Committee and a timetable for implementation



Supporting Information:


We already have strong policies in the city plan and in the draft Biodiversity and Nature Conservation SPD, but we need to bring this together during the application process to ensure that developers have clear processes set out to guide them and an appropriate way of demonstrating this in their applications.