Proposed amendments* to priority areas and interventions  

(* - amendments are underlined)

Create an inclusive and integrated transport system (no change)

·         Clearer information on travel options including parking provision (new)

·         Drop-off and pick-up priority bays for disabled passengers (new)

·         Closer working with transport providers on accessibility needs (new)


Develop safe and well maintained streets and places that encourage and enable active travel(amended)

·         Improved walking routes including pedestrian crossings (amended)

·         More pedestrian priority and car free areas (amended)

·         Strategic cycling network catering for all types of cycles (amended)

·         Road user harmony and respect campaigns (new)

·         Street design to prioritise people and reduce speeds (new)

·         Citywide 20mph speed limit (new)

·         Separate and more space for walking and cycling (new)

·         Removal of barriers and obstructions on walking and cycling routes (new)

·         Better maintenance of walking and cycling routes (new)

·         Secure cycle parking hubs (new)

·         Localised restrictions on the movement of large freight vehicles (new)

·         Improved lighting on walking routes (new)


Increase public transport use(no change)

·         Promotion of public transport including relative cost to driving (new)

·         Public transport priority corridors (new)

·         Improved lighting and security measures (new)

·         Better bus connections to the suburbs and outside of the city (new)

·         More cross-city orbital routes (new)

·         Demand responsive bus services (new)

·         Improved enforcement of illegal parking/stopping (new)

·         Improved coach access, drop-off and parking (new)


Reduce the need for car ownership and car use (amended)

·         New development in locations accessible by sustainable travel options (new)

·         Reduction in total citywide car parking spaces (new)

·         Car scrappage scheme (with mobility credits for sustainable travel options) (new)

·         More car club locations/vehicles available (new)


Promote and facilitate the use of low and zero emission vehicles (no change)

·         Promotion of e-bikes (new)

·         Emphasise that ‘electric vehicles’ includes e-bikes


Promote and use technology to reduce and manage travel (no change)