Budget Equality Impact Assessment Template 2021/22 Ė Service-Users


1. Service Area

Economy, Environment and Culture: City Transport - Traffic Management Group

2. EIA

3. Head of Service

Andrew Westwood

4. Budget Proposal


What is the proposal?


Trial Park & Ride using Mill Road


The intention is to allow the Bus Operator to run a Park & Ride service from June to September using Mill Road.† The road will be closed to normal traffic to facilitate the operation.† The road has approximately 450 spaces available for parking cars.


The trial will be operated by the Bus Operator, so the running costs will be met by them. The councilís bid to the Bus Service Improvement Plan will fund the physical elements and signing costs of £70,000




5. Summary of impacts

Highlight the most significant disproportionate impacts on groups


Disproportionate impacts identified on the following characteristics: Age (older people), Disability


The trial P&R will operate in the same manner as the football operation with dedicated stopping points and marked disabled parking bays at the bottom.† This will require some physical improvements to the stopping points to improve access.


Closure of the road to allow the P&R to operate will offer an opportunity to consider the long term use of Mill Road, as it is currently used as a short cut by some local drivers to avoid using a section of the A27. However, a national cycle route also cuts across Mill Road at the eastern end and any closure will help to improve the access for cycling.


Those with mobility have to use the spaces at the bottom of the road and this may have limited availability.† The footway is not very wide and will reduce access for those in wheelchairs and those with push chairs.




6. Assess level of impact (1= low; 5= high)


7. Key actions to reduce negative impacts

What actions are planned to reduce/avoid negative impacts and increase positive impacts?


The† Traffic Order has a 12 week objection period and will enable anyone the opportunity to express their views on the trial.† This will allow the impact on disadvantaged groups to be assessed.


Mill Road is currently successfully used as a Park & Ride scheme on matchdays for Brighton & Hove Albion so it is currently run with the same constraints.† The councilís investment will improve the bus stopping points and access from the blue badge parking area.† This will not only enable the trial to operate, but also help the football park and ride operation for those with mobility issues.


The closure will be managed by stewards who will be able to direct and manage the parking for those with mobility issues.


Publicity will be targeted by the bus operator to ensure anyone using the trial will be aware iof the access limitations.† They will use signing to direct people to the correct parking spaces.



8. Full EIA?

Not required at this stage as it is a trial and permeant scheme will be subject to a full EIA.

9. Monitoring and Evaluation

How will you monitor the impact of this proposal and the success of your mitigating actions on these groups over the coming year (or more)?


The bus operator will be managing the P&R and will have staff on site that will enable the monitoring of the scheme for Blue Badge holders and people with mobility issues.† The bus operator will be reviewing the scheme as it progresses.

A new Traffic Order will be required to allow the use as a P&R.


The trial will be operated by the Bus Operator and promoted widely to target those not served by public transport rather than compete with established services.† It will be signed strategically, in partnership with National Highways


Parking surveys of the Westdene area will be carried out to monitor any potential impact on surrounding residential areas.



10. Cumulative impacts

Might related proposals from other service areas (or other changes) worsen or mitigate impacts from your proposal?



There will be no impact from other services on this proposal.