Deputation petition to Brighton and Hove City Council’s Health and Wellbeing Board meeting

We, the undersigned call on the Council’s Health and Wellbeing Board to improve mental health by socially prescribing fitness by

a)      Calling on the Clinical Commissioning Group to

b)      commission, procure and provide sufficient social interventions (such as NICE approved Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy MBCT) and other social interventions and meditations to

c)       treat all sick public sector staff, vulnerable patients, homeless, addicts and children suffering from anxiety, depression, self harming and suicidal thoughts by

d)      social prescribing them vouchers for 10 week social intervention courses that alleviate, heal and cure these long term mental conditions, by

e)      paying complementary therapists, facilitators and teachers to provide these interventions from public funds at Allied Professional rates of pay

f)        on receipt of the used social prescription vouchers, as pharmacists are paid for drugs,

g)      within the maximum statutory waiting time for treatment of 18 weeks,

h)      as described on, section 9 of, and other documents

Notes to this deputation petition.  

1 One in six (17%) or 8 million people in England now suffer from mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, and self harm.  

2 In 2021, the NICE guidelines for depression were changed, instructing doctors to offer mindfulness therapy before medication, but waiting times from Referral To Treatment (RTT) have doubled, and are now over a year, leaving most paatients untreated, even when suicidal.

3 Complementary therapists have been professionally trained to alleviate these mental health conditions by teaching what are called the ‘social interventions’, which include classes teaching exercise, yoga, pilates, meditation, mindfulness, healthy eating, healthy living, bereavement support, etc.

4 Social prescribing has been introduced since 2019 in Brighton and Hove and every Local Authority through NHS Primary Care Networks, and link workers are now in post to signpost patients to not-for-profit organisations which provide these social interventions.

5 However, these interventions are not yet provided free at the point of use, excluding  vulnerable and addicted people who need them most,  causing health inequalities.

6 Public money should be diverted from the drug prescribing budget (£25bnpa nationally, and over £100 mpa in the city of Brighton and Hove) to social intervention prescribing through a voucher scheme.

7 Community Care Centres (CCCs) should be contracted to provide the social interventions over say 2 month periods, and be paid in arrears as pharmacists are paid for drugs, on receipt of the used vouchers.

8 In Sept 2021, prime minister Boris Johnson pledged an additional £500 million for mental health in England, of which the city should get £2.5milllion, which would treat 500 vulnerable patients with the Mindfulness Plus Intervention for 1 year, reducing their public sector costs accordingly.

9 The Health and Wellbeing Board’ terms of reference say it can call the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to account, so it has the power to instruct the CCG to implementing this deputation.

10 This social prescribing scheme is further described on the CAmpaign for Social Prescribing Of Talking Therapies (CASPOTT) see, and on, and John Kapp18.2.22









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