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The following written questions have been received:


1)    Mr Daniel Harris – Domestic Abuse Spending Priorities


In relation to agenda item 79, which is to do with the spending for the new duty on local authorities in regards to survivors and victims of domestic violence. It is encouraging to see some action finally, for years victims have often felt voiceless.


I have to ask, there are a lot of proposals here in the report, Can The council please explain in detail what consultation the council has lead with victims and survivors of domestic abuse in relation to this report and the spending priorities?


2)     Ms Naomi Bos – Domestic Abuse Service Providers


I note that the funding for domestic abuse from central Government is going to remain the same over the next two years.  Inflation will therefore have a big impact on the services the Council can afford.  With this in mind, working in partnership with service providers will be vital.


Will the Council commit to prioritising bids from providers with a proven track record of  adding value by raising money with grants and fundraising specifically for services in Brighton & Hove?