Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee

Agenda Item  83(d)(3)


Subject:                    Notice of Motion from the Conservative Group


Date of meeting:    3 February 2022


Ward(s) affected:   All



Residents/Visitors ‘Bus Gate’ Fines.


This Council:


1.     Notes that Labour and Green Groups voted to make permanent two Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders relating to ‘Bus Gates’ in Valley Gardens after figures were released showing that the gates are not working as intended and that around 10,000 residents/visitors are being fined each month;


2.     Requests an urgent Officer Report to Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee to consider options to redesign the defective junctions; and


3.     Requests an urgent Officer Report to Policy & Resources Committee to consider options to return collected fines to residents/visitors.



Proposer: Councillor Nemeth                     Seconder: Councillor Bagaeen



Supporting Information: