Brighton & Hove City Council Procurement Advisory Board


2.00pm16 May 2022 Virtual






Councillors: Osborne (Chair), Druitt, Evans, Yates.


Officers: Clifford Youngman, Florence Herault, James Hengeveld, Manjinder Nagra, Thomas Bald, Paul Nicholls




3                Phone parking services re-let


3.1 Paul Nicholls introduced the report starting on page 9 of the Agenda.


3.2 Cllr Yates was informed:


·         There are 2 types of car park – off street with pay machines, and on street, both are patrolled by traffic officers.

3.3 Cllr Druitt was informed:


·         The phone parking contract was first awarded by the Council to Pay-By-Phone in 2012 and this will be the third time it has been re-let

·         Pay-By-Phone have 12 million customers that have downloaded the app

·         Pay-By-Phone have contracts with 180 Local Authorities.

·         They have high scores when it comes to their Carbon footprint, and plant a lot of trees as part of their carbon+ credentials.

·         Reliability is a vital part of the contract and Pay-By-Phone have very high business continuity standards.


3.4 Cllr Druitt raised that the app is easy to set up but can be cumbersome if you have to add extra vehicles by phone. He was then informed that the problems would be raised at the contract meeting to see if they could be resolved.


3.5 Cllr Osborne raised that it would be very important to keep the current system as so many people use it.




The Procurement Advisory Board to provide recommendations to Environment Transport & Sustainability committee on the following:


The phone parking contract with Pay-by-Phone is due to expire at the end of September. It is proposed that this contract is re-let using the G-Cloud 13 Framework for a two-year term with an option to extend for up to a further two years.</AI3>