Request for design improvements to Church Road - for inclusion in LPT 5 as an exemplar of sustainable transport solutions in an urban area

We, the undersigned, support Hove Civic Society in their advocacy for a fundamental make-over of Church Road, between Western Road and Sackville Road. We believe there is a big opportunity here to demonstrate how a major thoroughfare should look and function in the age of climate change mitigation, net zero carbon targets, and the growing social, economic and cultural demands for safer, more attractive, inclusive, accessible and pleasurable public spaces. This could also become a catalyst for better area-wide traffic management.

The character of Church Road has gradually changed over the years, from high-street shops to an ever-increasing focus on food and beverage at all times of the day. This provides a natural opportunity to create an attractive new “sense of place” - by integrating pavement, loading and parking areas into high-quality usable spaces, encompassing new street furniture, planting and outdoor seating for the restaurants, bars and coffee houses; and for giving people generally the kind of pleasant spaces where they can meet, socialise and spend time.

With good design and planting, these improvements will transform the existing streetscape into a vibrant place for everyone to enjoy - our “Hove Boulevard”. Church Road is well served by public transport, but it needs improved pavements and cycling routes. The City Council has therefore designated Church Road as part of an Active Travel Corridor and has also highlighted it as being part of a bus service improvement plan.

We believe these ambitions fit hand-in-glove with the vision being put forward. We therefore consider there is a strong case for the “Hove Boulevard” approach to be included in the next Local Transport Plan (LPT5).

Furthermore, we believe the scheme will fulfil all the strategic objectives of the City Council’s

emerging Local Transport Plan Strategy:

·      a sustainable, strong and fair economy

·      safe, healthy and welcoming streets and neighbourhoods

·      an accessible city with a transport network that everyone can use

·      improved air quality to safeguard the health of our communities

·      reduced carbon emissions to protect our global environment

·      travel that respects our local environment

We have been advised that a scheme can only be included in the LTP if it has been designed and costed. This can make sense, not least if government funding becomes available at short notice. So we are now seeking to secure funding for the design of the scheme and are asking the City Council to make funds available for that work - for example, from S106 funds earmarked for sustainable transport and/or public realm improvements, or from general sustainability improvement funds.

The scheme has so far secured strong support from local ward councillors, as well as our

MP, Peter Kyle. It is also supported by the community/business group “Love George Street”, with more discussions being planned with local business groups, residents’ associations and the Brighton & Hove Bus company, to widen support for the concept across a whole range of stakeholders.

But it is clear there is already strong support for the scheme and we believe it chimes well with the Council’s zero carbon and sustainable transport agenda. We therefore ask the Council to support the proposal to secure funding for the design of the scheme.




Annex            Illustrative examples of potential improvements




     Church Road  -  approaches towards a “Hove Boulevard” space for people    


Widening of pavements to increase safety,Better use of space
 for a healthier environment
 ,Making better use of space for people to enjoy





Some illustrative approaches


Example - the junction with George Street, going eastwards


Example - potential improvements to space around Hove Town Hall

and the junction with Fourth Avenue

With thanks to Stickland Wright, Architects







1.      Sophie Law-Smith


2.      Diane Warburton


3.      Diane Smith


4.      Lee Saunders


5.      Mike Gibson


6.      Angela Devas


7.      Helmut Lusser


8.      Karin Janzon


9.      Bob Ryder



The deputation is supported by the following Local Ward Councillors:

Westbourne Ward: Councillor Carmen Appich Councillor Chris Henry

Hove Central Ward: Councillor Clare Moonan Councillor Gary Wilkinson