Geoff Raw

Chief Executive

Brighton & Hove City Council



01 June 2022



Dear Geoff,


We are submitting the following letter under Council Procedure Rule 23.3 to be included on the agenda for the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee (ETS) meeting of 21 June 2022.


Some residents of Southdown Avenue have lived in that street for over 40 years. They never had any problem with the refuse collection nor was there a problem with the recycling service when it started. However, although there had been no changes in the road and footway  it was decided two years ago that the relevant vehicles could not enter the street. As a result, communal bins have been placed on the public highway at the bottom of the road resulting in residents having to carry their refuse and recycling material to these bins, some 50 to 60 metres. The bins also encourage fly tipping. We are not aware of any other row of houses in Portslade that has the same situation.

Why is this happening? Under the guise of health and safety it is said that the vehicles cannot access the road without travelling on the pavement, so they are not able to access the houses. It is clear in highway law that vehicles can use the pavement to access properties, which they did here for several years. There also appears to be an issue about reversing despite there being a turning circle at the top of the road. Residents and councillors have complained ever since the new system came in but no changes have been forthcoming.

Cityclean arranged a site visit some months ag to look at alternatives. No councillors or residents were invited to this meeting. We were just informed that nothing could be done! I suggested an alternative for the refuse collection. Every day all over the city small trucks remove bags from waste bins and put them in the back of the truck. The crew member lifts the bags from the bins. I suggested the same operation could apply to refuse in Southdown Avenue. The trucks could easily access the road and carry out this operation. I was told this was not possible as the crew are not allowed to lift bags from wheelie bins but can from waste bins. This is clearly a ridiculous situation. Please find a way to provide these residents with an acceptable service.

We are sorry to have to bring this to committee but residents, and us have been trying for two years to resolve this issue and have made no progress whatsoever. You are our only hope of assisting our constituents and I hope the committee can seek to resolve this matter.


Thank you


Councillor Les Hamilton

Councillor Alan Robins