The draft LTN Pilot Project Monitoring Framework will consist of the following details with an updated Framework being reported together with the final proposed LTN scheme later this year / post public consultation.

The methodology for monitoring the pilot LTN broadly follows precedent schemes such as Waltham Forest.

·      Traffic surveys:

-     Automatic Traffic Counts (ATCs)

-     Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

-     Cycle flows

·      Air quality monitoring

·      Road collision data

·      Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) information for Brighton & Hove

·      Local public transport data

·      Engagement and public consultation with residents and stakeholders

·      Emergency response times

·      Traffic modelling of Bus journey times


Air Quality

New LTN diffusions tubes monitoring sites will be established for the LTN pilot project. The monitoring equipment will be installed during Summer 2022 and will be deployed for a minimum period of 2 years and 6 months, to at least the end of 2024. This monitoring will be extended as required dependent on final construction completion date, in-order to cover at least the initial 18-month trial period aligned to the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order process. A decision on removing or making the scheme permanent is required before the end of the 18-month period.

The following LTN Air Quality monitoring sites are to be added to complement existing monitoring sites:


Lower Franklin Road

Public highway


Lower Elm Grove (near Lewes Road junction)

Public highway


Lower Islingword Road

Public highway


Outside Elm Grove Primary

Public highway


Upper Islingword Road

Public highway


Top of Southover Street

Public highway


Orchard Nursery Queens Park Road

Public highway or building frontage


Lower Southover Street

Public highway


Richmond Parade

Public highway


Morley Street

Public highway


Carlton Hill next to the school

Public highway


Egremont Place

Public highway


Monitoring will require that no new LTN site should exceed UK legal limits for NO2 and other policy measures will incrementally help work towards achieving WHO 2021 guideline levels.

In addition to the diffusion tubes, following discussion with respective owners and management, council officers have committed to exploring Real-time Air Quality monitoring options at three sites across the project area. Therefore, it is anticipated that Real-time Air Quality monitoring will be deployed at the following sites;

·         Elm Grove Primary School

·         Carlton Hill Primary School

·         Orchard Day Nursery, on Queens Park Road


The Monitoring Framework results will be reported back to ETS Committee.


Insight/Data sources references


Repeated Data collection surveys / or retrieved accessed Insight



Project success indicators (TBC)

Traffic counts and speed surveys

BHCC Winter 2021 to be repeated once construction has completed during the first 18 month.

To include motor vehicles, cycle and pedestrian counts


Council web page

Hanover and Tarner Liveable Neighbourhood pilot (    to be added to this web page later this year prior to final scheme decision

·         Increased levels of Cycling

·         Reduced traffic on internal streets

·         Relative traffic volume on boundary roads.

·         significant increases in bus JTs

·         TBC




Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) information for Brighton & Hove

Updated according to latest available census data and dataset periodic updates


·         Relative improvements over time which may be for some indices over a longer period than the 18-month ETRO process



Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) information for Brighton & Hove

Sussex Police TBC

·         Reduction in street crime.

·         Increased risk of cycle theft mitigated through cycle hangar roll out.


Air Quality

Baseline site data to be established through

The new LTN sites being introduced. To be referenced and compared with post construction data

Tbc And

 and Air quality annual status reports (


·         Aligned to UK legal limits. No new LTN AQ monitoring site to breach this limit.



City Clean tbc


·         Significant Reduction TBC


Accident and Collision data

Police records reported to Sussex Safer Streets

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership | Making People Safer on Sussex Roads

·         Reductions

·         in Accidents and causalities – and perceived increase in perceptions of safety



Emergency response times



·         Fire Brigade no significant impacts in response times



Public perceptions

BHCC – Public consultation to be repeated during the first 18 months of scheme opening

BHCC; partial data as noted within appendix 1 & 2 of this report with complementary baseline data to be established through the Summer 2022 public consultation

·         Improvements reported related to transport experience and satisfaction with local environment TBC


Milestones and project progress with opportunities to continue to help influence the ongoing design and future of the pilot LTN




Engagement Stage 1

Mapping exercise


Engagement Stage 2

Workshops used to revise the initial concept plans


ETS Committee decision to commit a revised LTN concept plan to public consultation

June 2022

Pending decisions at this Committee

Public consultation

11 July - 11 September

Pending decisions at this Committee to progress

ETS Committee decision to deliver the LTN proposed final scheme

November 2022

Pending project work and reports

Public consultation on experimental scheme ETRO process

Initial six-month period following the pilot LTN scheme construction under an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order. From Spring 2023 TBC

Pending project work and reports. Interim data monitoring to help inform decisions to amend the ETRO

ETS Committee decision to remove and make the LTN pilot scheme permanent

Within a further 12 months

Pending project work and reports. Twelve months data to inform the committee decision (Air quality / traffic counts etc.)