Greater Brighton Economic Board


10.00am 26 April 2022


Virtual (Zoom)




Present: Councillor Lamb (Chair) Ash-Edwards, Gunner, Nicholson and Mac Cafferty


Business Partners: Trevor Beattie, Andrew Green, Prof. Debra Humphris, Andrew Swayne







27          Procedural Business


27a     Declarations of substitutes


26.1      Councillor Boggis was present as substitute for Councillor Parkin. 


26.2      Councillor Appich was present as substitute for Councillor Allcock.


27b     Declarations of interests


27.3    There were none. 


27c     Exclusion of the press and public


27.4    In accordance with Section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972 (“the Act”), the Board considered whether the public should be excluded from the meeting during consideration of any item of business on the grounds that it is likely in view of the business to be transacted or the nature of the proceedings, that if members of the public were present during it, there would be disclosure to them of confidential information as defined in Section 100A (3) of the Act.


27.5   Resolved- That the press and public not be excluded.




28          Minutes of the previous meeting


27.1      Resolved- That the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as the correct record.




29          Chair's Communications


29.1      Councillor Lamb noted expressed his thanks to Nick Hibberd who would be moving to a new post outside of the Greater Brighton region. Councillor Lamb stated that Nick Hibberd had been an instrumental part of the establishment of the Greater Brighton Board and would be missed. Councillor Lamb also expressed his gratitude to Claudia Rastrick who would shortly be leaving the post of Business Manager.




30          Business Hothouse


30.1      The Board received a presentation from Gareth Sear that provided a progress update on the Business Hothouse.




31          Greater Brighton Operational Arrangements 2022/23 and Annual Report 2021/22


31.1      The Board considered a report of the Chair, Greater Brighton Officer Programme Board that that set out its Operational Arrangements for 2022/23, the Annual Report for 2021/22 as well as the One Public Estate Annual Report for 2021/22.


31.2      Resolved-


That the Board:


1)           Agree and secure the budgetary contributions sought to fund the cost of running the Board and delivering its workplan in 2022/23.


2)           Note that Brighton & Hove City Council shall continue to act as Lead Authority for the Board in 2022/23 and 2023/24.


3)           Agree the process set out at sections 3.14 to 3.18 by which the Chair of the Board shall be nominated for 2022/23.


4)           Approves the 2021/22 Annual Report and Board members submit the report to their respective organisations.


5)           Note the date by which the Lead Authority must be notified of all named substitutes and instruct any necessary actions within their respective organisations.


6)           That the Board notes the content of the One Public Estate Programme’s 2021/22 Annual Report.


7)           Note the date by which the Lead Authority must be notified of all nominations to the Greater Brighton Call-In Panel and instruct any necessary actions within their respective organisations.


8)           Agree the new Heads of Terms, which reflect changes to the Board’s membership in light of recent suspended memberships.


9)           Agree to extend the contracts of the Greater Brighton Support Team (0.8 FTE Business Manager, 0.75 FTE Business Manager and 0.5 FTE Programme Support Officer) by 3 years, as they are due to expire in May 2023, to deliver the Greater Brighton workplan.




32          Greater Brighton Creative Industries Strategy 2022-25


32.1      The Board considered a report of the Chair, Greater Brighton Officer Programme Board that proposed a series of actions to create a Greater Brighton Creative Industries Strategy 2022-25.


32.2      Prof Humphris endorsed the reported and welcomed any proposal for the University of Brighton to support progress.


32.3      Councillor Nicholson expressed support for the report that was a significant strategic area for the region and a fundamental part of a community wealth building approach.


32.4      Resolved-


1)           That the Board notes government policies on Levelling Up and the potential impact of this on the distribution of funding from bodies relevant to the Creative Industries in the Greater Brighton area.


2)           That the Board agrees to a working group being established made up of Greater Brighton Economic Board members, a representation of regional businesses and invited experts to agree the scope of the strategy and to the selection of a consultant to undertake this work.


3)           That the Board agrees to allocate £25,000 to the appointment of a consultant to prepare the strategy in response to the brief prepared by the working group.


4)           That the completed strategy and an implementation plan come back to the Board for approval on 18th October 2022.




33          Greater Brighton Investment Programme Update


33.1      Resolved-


1)            That the Board note the report and the Investment Programme Update at Appendix 1.





The meeting concluded at 10.40am