Greater Brighton Investment Programme – Progress Update

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19 July 2022

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Chair, Greater Brighton Officer Programme Board

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Andy Hill


01273 291873



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1.1         The purpose of the Investment Plan Update is to provide the Greater Brighton Economic Board (“the Board”) with an update on progress on the Greater Brighton Investment Programme (“the Investment Programme”) since the Board’s last meeting on 26 April 2022.


1.2         Updates are included on the Local Growth Fund (LGF) allocations made as part of the Growth Deal Rounds 1, 2 and 3.  The period covered by this report is 1 April 2022 to 30 June 2022.


1.3         This cover report provides some context on the LGF Funding Rounds and narrative updates on the Investment Programme projects.  Further details on the individual projects can be found in the Investment Programme Update report at Appendix 1.


2.         RECOMMENDATIONS:    


2.1         That the Board note the report and the Investment Programme Update at Appendix 1.




LGF Growth Deal Rounds 1 & 2


3.1         A total of approximately £90m was allocated to projects across the City Region from LGF Growth Deal rounds 1 & 2.  These projects will deliver a total investment of approximately £376m into the City Region, unlocking an estimated 14,000 jobs, 8,200 homes and 450,000m2 of employment floor-space.  Current active projects are listed below with a summary of progress since the last update.



3.1.1    New England House Growth Centre (Brighton) - £4.9m

Fire compartmentation survey work ongoing until the autumn.  Design process will recommence once this has been completed.  Film footage has been shot on various businesses in the building – this will be used to inform the design process, for consultation events to assist any further funding bids.


3.1.2    Digital Catapult & 5G Testbed (Brighton) - £1.8m

Partners have committed continued capital and project-based investment into the centre, based on both national innovation priorities and our specific regional focus on technology and the cultural / creative industries.


Digital Catapult Brighton has spent the last period conducting an in-depth review of the impact of last year’s activity, and is now drafting its plans for 2022-2025.


This includes ongoing activity with BDBF and others to codify the lessons for creative practice that were generated by our involvement in the DCMS-supported 5G Festival project.


Work continues on the procurement and installation of the specialist technical equipment required to upgrade the 5G testbed to align with BHCC’s Research & Innovation Fibre Ring project.


3.1.3    Circus Street Innovation Centre & Regeneration (Brighton) - £2.7m

All works complete.  Various post Practical Completion snagging works ongoing. 

3.1.4    Plus X (Brighton) - £7.7m

Plus X remained operational and continued to grow membership. Since its opening in August 2021, the new ground floor café, Café Domenica, has proved a huge success with members and visitors. The café also provides training opportunities for young people with learning disabilities. The Brighton Research Innovation Technology Exchange (BRITE) programme for ambitious and established businesses primarily based in the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership region continued. Other elements of the Preston Barracks redevelopment are at an advanced stage, with several buildings at or nearing completion. The first residential blocks are due for completion and occupation in the coming months, and external works to other residential blocks continues. The University of Brighton’s adjacent development also progressed well. The new student halls on the Mithras House site were completed. Construction of the new pedestrian bridge spanning the Lewes Road continued, with the foundations on either side of the road advancing, with completion expected in mid-2022.


3.1.5    Valley Gardens – Phase 3 (Brighton) - £8.0m

Following the third public consultation exercise for Valley Gardens Phase 3 which completed in late 2020, and further stakeholder engagement on the final General Highway Arrangement was agreed by ETS Committee in January 2022. Furthermore, the additional budget requirement needed to deliver the project was approved by Policy & Resources Committee which would be acquired through borrowing.  Cost estimates have increased due to rising construction costs and additional stakeholder infrastructure included in the plan, such as those required for sustainable events and cycling. The construction contract procurement will commence in summer 2022 and be completed by winter 2022/3. Construction to complete spring 2024.

3.1.6    Adur Tidal Walls & Western Harbour Arm Flood Defences (Shoreham-By-Sea) – £10.5m

Demolition of redundant Yacht Club October/November 2021.

Continued pluvial and fluvial modelling to inform design.


3.1.7    A2300 Corridor Improvements (Burgess Hill) - £17.0m


See 3.2.5 below


LGF Growth Deal Round 3


3.2         In February 2017 Coast to Capital announced that it has secured £66m through Round 3 of the Growth Deal.  All six projects put forward by the Board were allocated funding - totalling £48.77m.  The project updates are as follows:


Worthing Central Phase 1 (Worthing) - £5.6m


3.2.1    Teville Gate:

Site acquired by Worthing Borough Council for redevelopment in August 2021.  Development Strategy and approach involving joint investment with London & Continental Railways confirmed in December 2021.  March 2022 Development Partner agreed by JSc Committee – Hyde Housing Group.


3.2.2    Union Place:

S106 agreement drafted and formal planning permission issued.  Roffey Homes agreed as Development Partner on the site.


3.2.3    Decoy Farm (Worthing) - £4.8m


Appointment of the full design team including commercial advice, surveying team, architectural team and wider suite of advisers.


Phase 2 of the development and output to deliver employment floorspace is progressing well.


The Strategic Outline Case and Outline Business Case for the development of Decoy Farm are approved.


Approval to progress the project through to Full Business Case in readiness for project delivery received at the Joint Strategic Committee meeting on 13 July 2021.


3.2.4    New Monks Farm & Airport (Shoreham-By-Sea) - £5.7m

There is no further update for this period. Previous report is as follows:

·         Housing and infrastructure development has continued at pace with a number of units completed and occupied on the site.

·         Work is due to commence on the A27 roundabout in autumn 2021 for completion in late 2022.

·         Ikea announced that they will not continue with their proposed new store and that they will market the site for a suitable development in September 2021.


3.2.5    Growth Location (Burgess Hill) - £14.9m

Town Centre Regeneration: Completion of the S106 agreement and planning permission for the redevelopment of the Martlets Shopping Centre was issued on the 2nd July 2021.


Northern Arc: Work is continuing on site with housebuilder Countryside Properties with first occupations of homes on Freeks Farm anticipated July 2022. Work is complete on the Western Link Road Roundabout with full use underway following the completion of the A2300 dualling. The remainder of the Western Link Road is due to be completed by March 2023.


Homes England continue to progress the feasibility study for the first primary school on the site. Planning application has been received for the pedestrian and cycle bridge that will link Freeks Farm with the eastern neighbourhood centre.


A feasibility study for the Centre for Outdoor Sports has been completed and next stage plans agreed with facilities to be developed for use by the public by 2025.


Place and Connectivity:  Work continues on delivery of the first of the MSDC Led Phase 1 schemes including public art and other public realm improvements to the underpass at Wivelsfield Railway station. A contractor has been appointed for the WSCC Phase 1 schemes in February 2022 with programmed start on site in June 2022 and completion Spring/Summer 2023. Delivery near completion on Green Link (97% complete, 6.7km/6.9km) and Green Circle routes (98% complete, 4.5km/4.55km).


A2300 corridor improvements: Construction began in spring 2020; programme now complete with both carriageways officially opened on the 8th April 2022.


Employment space, The Hub: The second phase of development (a 5,000m2 warehouse for Roche Diagnostics) was completed in early February.  Outline planning permission for the remaining 40,000m2 has been approved, and issued.


Digital Infrastructure: Works to implement the Digital Infrastructure across and around Burgess Hill, including a southern link to Brighton and a northern link via Horsham to Crawley, are well progressed. The Local Full Fibre Network (LFFN) project has now been delivered totalling 15km of dark fibre and the Burgess Hill Fibre Exchange. Customer enquiries being received and are responded to through the CNI co-operative partners.


One public estate (OPE) 7:  The Brow - redevelopment of an extended Brow site in Burgess Hill will provide enhanced accommodation for the emergency and primary care services and to create space for 440 new homes (led by WSCC). Consultants Faithful and Gould have completed a draft viability study which is currently being reviewed to agree next steps.


Land adjacent to Burgess Hill station - Officers are working with key stakeholders including Network Rail and The Arch Company (the principal landowner at the site). Review of feasibility and appraisal work is underway.


Goddards Green Waste Water Treatment Works: Phase 1 of the project has been completed delivering most of the odour reduction benefits. All the £4m LGF-funding has been spent, alongside the £6.54m HIF grant. The remainder of the project will be funded by private Southern Water investment (£13.6m).


3.2.6    Black Rock /Waterfront (Brighton) - £12.1m

April 22 - Boardwalk completed. Reading Room started on site.  Sea wall 90% completed. Due for completion July 2022.  Link Road final package agreed with SOS planned for July 2022. A short film about the project has been produced Black Rock rejuvenation ( Channel 5 documentary regarding Kew Gardens filmed piece with team planting vegetated shingle. website is ongoing for community enquiries.

The local wildlife site has been successfully relocated and is growing well in the new location. The 2nd and 3rd phases have also been completed with successful planting of seedlings taking place in December and March 2021/22.  Two further short films describing this part of the project are on the BHCC website.


LGF Growth Deal Unallocated Funds Rounds 1 & 2 – December 2016 Call


3.3         In December 2016 Coast to Capital announced that it had approximately £46.65m of unallocated funds available to support capital growth projects. The Greater Brighton Economic Board put forward eight bids, five of which received funding totalling approximately £9.9m.  The project updates are as follows:


3.3.1    Adur Civic Centre (Shoreham-By-Sea) - £1.8m

Phase 2: Public consultation on proposed development by Hyde Housing took place on 20/02/2020 and detailed design work was undertaken throughout 2021.


3.3.2    Springman House (Lewes) – £2.0m

There has been no further update since the last meeting and the last position is as follows:

Following the purchase of the site by Lewes District Council, plans were drawn up with the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service Sussex Police and the South East Coast Ambulance Service. NSQL, the majority landowner at the NSQ site, has now sold its land to the developer – Human Nature. In December 2020, the Council’s Cabinet agreed heads of terms for the sale of its own land to this same developer in order that it can comprehensively redevelop the site. Human Nature has confirmed that it will submit a new planning application for the NSQ and the Council is now liaising with the developer to understand its plans and timescales for the site, including the fire station.


3.3.3    Railway Quay (Newhaven) - £1.5m

Flood defence works on site now completed and negotiations underway with existing tenant re: relocation. LDC has secured £1.3m from the Getting Building Fund to convert the former UTC building into a maritime and sustainable technology hub, offering education / training space and commercial facilities for SME’s. This has been augmented by a commitment of £1.05m from LDC towards the estimated £2.35m project costs. The building purchase completed on 17 June 2022. A final layout plan / occupier mix is being prepared and a programme of refurbishment works is scheduled to take place during the latter half of 2022. It is hoped that the refurbished building will be available for occupation in early 2023.


3.3.4    Heritage Centre Stage – Corn Exchange & Studio Theatre (Brighton) - £3.0m

The Council’s appointed Management Contractor, Westridge Construction Limited, has completed roofing and structural remedial works to the 200-year-old Corn Exchange timber frame to secure the building envelope. The Studio theatre fibrous plaster ceiling and copper roof had reached the end of their useful lives and were brought into scope and have been completed. Further discoveries on site requiring remedial works have delayed the programme. Finishing and completion works are progressing with the Corn Exchange and upper gallery oak timber floors now installed and public WCs fitted out. Decoration of 29 New Road is advanced and will commence shortly in the Creation Space. Covid-19 and possibly Brexit appear to be impacting availability of materials with longer delivery times, associated delays and increasing costs. This remains an on-going risk. In line with Government guidance on site measures related to Covid-19 have been relaxed.  Practical Completion is now anticipated in December 2022.




4.1         None required.




5.1         None required.


6.            CONCLUSION


6.1         The Board is asked to note the contents of this report.




Financial Implications:


7.1         There are no direct financial implications associated with this report regarding the progress made in the first quarter of this financial year on approved schemes within the Greater Brighton Investment Programme. Schemes already included within the Greater Brighton Investment Programme have approved business cases in place with funding options identified and these have been reported to their respective bodies. The progress of each scheme is detailed within the Investment plan Update Report in appendix 1 and in paragraphs 3.1,3.2 and 3.3 above. Future or revised business plans will be reported accordingly within the timescales of the project timetables.


            Finance Officer Consulted: Rob Allen, Principal Accountant   

            Date: 06/07/22


Legal Implications:


7.2         There are no legal implications arising directly from this report.


            Lawyer Consulted: Alice Rowland, Head of Commercial Law

            Date: 08/07/22


            Equalities Implications:


7.3         None arising from this report. Equalities issues will be addressed on a project-by-project basis.


            Sustainability Implications:


7.4         None arising from this report. Sustainability issues will be addressed on a project-by-project basis.



Any Other Significant Implications:


7.5         None.






Greater Brighton Investment Update Report July 2022


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