Appendix C


From: Redacted <Redacted >
Sent: 12 July 2022 10:28
To: Emily Fountain <>
Subject: Re: Brighton Christmas Market


Hi Emily,

I was not aware that the signage stated the objection categories on it. I would regard my objection as public nuisance, as it affects the publics ability to continue with their normal exercise, destroys the land and is a continued loud presence with the potential for lewd behaviour in a public space due to alcohol consumption. 

Could you possibly forward my original email onto the parks department? I find it objectionable that my local green space is limited for most of the year to me and other local residents with profiteering of private companies selling alcohol, over the health and wellbeing of their residents.

Also, the advertising of the alcohol license may be compliant with the Licensing Act 2003, but it it is not with the Equality Act 2010, which supercedes this in regulatory power.