Appendix E


Prevention of Crime and Disorder:

  1. There will be a full liaison with the relevant responsible authorities including by specifically organised Safety Advisory Group and Event Liaison Team meetings prior to and as necessary during the event. The event will be operated and managed in accordance with the Event Management Plan including its appendices, this licence and its conditions and statutory and regulatory requirements.


2.      No licensable activities to take place without an EMP being submitted and all responsible authorities, specifically those authorities such as Events team, Licensing Authority and the Safety Advisory Group have sight of said plans and comments given taken on board.


3.      The Premises Licence Holder shall produce an Event Management Plan (EMP) and shall submitted it to the Licensing Authority and the Safety Advisory Group. If any changes are made once submitted, notification to be sent to the responsible authorities in writing (this can be by email).


The EMP will include:


3.1          Names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons/organisations responsible for:

·                     Overall event safety control

·                     Production

·                     Medical and first aid provision

·                     Site management and the structural integrity of all temporary structures

·                     Crowd management, steward and security

·                     Fire safety and control

·                     Configuration and control of sound systems

·                     Management of any on-site car parking

·                     Management of concessions and franchises

·                     Provision and maintenance of water supplies

·                     Welfare and provision of information

·                     Lost & found persons and property

·                     Provision and maintenance of sanitary facilities

·                     Reception collection and removal of litter and other waste


3.2         The proposed audience capacity including guests.

3.3         Plans to agreed scales detailing exits, entrances, temporary bars, marquees and all facilities to be provided.

3.4         Details of proposals for entertainments, together with information regarding any special effects.

3.5         Details of proposals for concessionary activities including food franchises, bars, restaurants and non-food retail sales.

3.6         An Alcohol Management Plan which will include details of:

·         The Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)

·         Personal licence holders (PLH)

·         Control of the sale of alcohol

·         Proof of age policy (including Challenge 25)

·         Promotion of responsible drinking

·         Appropriate signage

·         SIA Security and PLH provisions on each bar

·         Refusals and incident log book on each bar

·         Provision of free drinking water

·         No glass policy

·         Bar staff training relating to the sale & serving of alcohol

·         Provisions within the site area to monitor and deal with proxy sales of alcohol.


3.7.        A Safety Policy and Risk Assessment for the event

3.8.        A detailed drug policy which includes:

·         Entrance refusal policy for possession

·         Ejection policy for possession

·         Search numbers for persons and all personal property

·         Holding of drugs once removed from persons

·         Amnesty bins

·         Agreed threshold of when Police will be contacted

·         Legal highs and nitrous oxide


3.9.        Details of arrangements for co-ordinating and controlling event safety on site.

3.10       A site safety plan including site safety rules, requirements for construction and breakdown of site, structural safety calculations, drawings of temporary structures and safety barriers, details of electrical installations and lighting arrangements.

3.11         Incident contingency and emergency plans (including a Major Incident Plan).

3.12       A Crowd Management Plan, including plans for access, egress, dispersal and evacuation as well as control of patron numbers.

3.13       A Stewarding and Security Plan which will include details of:

·         Register of all stewards and security staff employed during and after the event containing full names, dates of birth, home address and Security Industry Authority (SIA) registration details

·         How stewards and security staff will be identifiable e.g. tabards etc.

·         The final numbers of SIA Licensed Security Staff and trained Stewards

·         Log book for all Security and Stewarding staff to sign in and out of the Event

·         Refusals policy for drunk and/or disorderly or under the influence of controlled substances

·         Stewarding areas outside the licensed / event area

·         Overnight provision

·         Search and seizure policy set out for alcohol, drugs and weapons.


3.14       A medical ambulance and first aid plan.

3.15       A Fire Safety plan.

3.16       A Transport Plan including a Traffic Management Plan.

3.17       A Sound Assessment with details and proposals for monitoring and controlling sound emission and a draft Noise Management Plan.

3.18       Details for the provision of cleaning and maintenance of sanitary accommodation, washing facilities and drinking water.

3.19        Details for the reception collection, litter and disposals of other waste.

3.20      Details of welfare arrangements facilities and provisions for information on site. Additional welfare arrangements facilities and provisions on site to deal with person under the age of 18.

3.21        Details of the arrangements and facilities for disabled persons.

  1. The licence holder will abide by the Event management Plan (including all of its appendices- together called ‘the EMP’) for this event.
  2. The licence holder will meet with the emergency services (Police, Fire, and Ambulance) at agreed intervals in advance of the event to provide information on the event and to discuss safety issues. These meetings will be minuted and circulated to all attendees.
  3. All supplies of alcohol will be from the structures shown on the site plan and in accordance with the Alcohol Management Plan of the EMP in particular.
  4. All log books will be made available upon request to authorised officers from the Licensing Authority, Trading Standards and Sussex Police. These include refusals, incident and SIA sign in logs.
  5. Authorised officers of the Licensing Authority, the Fire Authority, the Ambulance Service and Sussex Police shall have free access to all parts of the Licensed Premises for the purpose of inspection during licensable activity and at all other reasonable times.
  6. Après Ski area will be a controlled area and clearly marked by suitable fencing as described within the EMP. EMP will also give SIA / Steward requirements.   

10.   Alcohol sold in open containers will be consumed within the Après ski area. Excluded from this is mulled wine and fortified hot drinks purchased from trader chalets which are permitted to be in open containers for consumption around and off the festival site.

11.     Items sold by traders which are intended as gifts and or for consummation at home are to be sold in manufactured sealed containers.


Public Safety:


9.      The premises licence holder through its appointed Safety Officer will liaise closely with the Environmental Health and Licensing Section of the Licensing Authority and Emergency Services.

10.   The event organiser will establish an Event Control facility as an operations and communications base for event duty management and a dedicated communications controller.

11.     The Event Control will be occupied throughout the opening hours of the festival and at any time when public are present.

12.    An experienced Communications Controller will continually monitor and maintain a log of the festival radio communications network and relay information to management, consultants, and security providers.

13.    Unopened bottles sales (beers, wines and spirits) will be permitted in their original sealed glass containers to take home or as gifts.

14.   Only plastic bottles, tin cans, cardboard cartons or paper cups to be supplied by vendors on site for the supply of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

15.   No drinks to be in glass bottles or vessels.

16.    SIA licensed security personnel will be deployed as provided by the EMP.

17.    At events within tents, marquees or other temporary structures

a)     No patrons will be admitted if in possession of alcohol unless by prior agreement with the Police and

b)     The licence holder will have an agreed search and seizure policy for alcohol, drugs and weapons.


Prevention of Public Nuisance:


18.   Noise pollution will be recognised as a potential problem and noise levels will be monitored and adjusted if necessary.

19.    A noise management plan will be submitted to the Environmental Health and Licensing team.

20.  Event organisers to remove all litter after the event with a security deposit held by the Events Team to ensure that this happens.

21.    A dedicated festival noise telephone helpline will be established at Event Control. The helpline number will be published on the festival website and advised to BHCC Environmental Protection.

22.  Bar managers and festival waste disposal contractors will ensure that potential noise creating activities (tipping of bottles, removal of waste or servicing of temporary toilet facilities) does not take place after 23.00 hrs or prior to 08.00 hrs.

23.  Event Management and the H&S consultant will work closely with BHCC Environmental Protection to monitor and respond to concerns and complaints.


Protection of Children from Harm:


24.  A full multi-agency approach (including the Police and Health Service) will be adopted for the planning and operation of all events. Advice will be sought from the Child Protection Unit where appropriate.

25.  Entrance to under 18 year olds will be as stated within the EMP.

26.  After 22.00 hrs children who appear to be under the age of 16 will be discouraged from accessing the festival site if unaccompanied.

27.  A "Challenge 25" policy will be in operation whereby any person attempting to buy alcohol who appears to be under 25 will be asked for photographic ID to prove their age. The recommended forms of ID that will be accepted are passports, official Photographic Identity Cards issued by EU states bearing a hologram or ultraviolet feature, driving licences with a photograph, photographic military ID or proof of age cards bearing the ‘PASS’ mark hologram. The list of recommended forms of ID may be amended or revised with the prior written agreement of Sussex Police, the Licensing Authority and Trading Standards without the need to amend the licence or conditions attaching to it.

28.  Signage advertising the “Challenge 25” policy will be displayed in prominent locations.

29.  A lost children’s facility will be created and managed by appropriately experienced and DBS certified personnel.

30.  A lost children’s reporting procedure will be implemented and managed via event control to communicate with personnel supervising access points and the police.

31.    The festival traders’ terms and condition preclude the sale of;

·         Tobacco products

·         Psychoactive substances (aka legal highs)

·         Vape or e-cigarette products

·         Tattoos or body piercing services

·         Knives and weapons (including replicas)

·         Fireworks.