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To: <>

Sent: Tuesday, 2 August 2022, 13:38:43 CEST

Subject: application number 1445/3/2022/02361/LAPREN


Re: the above alcohol licence.

To whom it may concern,

We own REDACTED and it has been brought to our attention that Adele Tite has applied for an alcohol licence at the premises REDACTED

I wish to state our very strong objection to the application.

If granted this will undoubtedly add to the already meaningful noise pollution and instances of anti-social behaviour and disturbances in what is an already challenging environment for residents who wish to live peacefully in this delightful and historic conservation area.

Frankly Hove is not noticeably short of places able to serve alcohol at most hours of the day or night.

Thank you for your attention in this matter and kind regards,




Sent: 02 August 2022 13:20

To: EHL Safety <>



Dear Sir or Madam,


We are writing as owners of REDACTED.


We are writing to object to the application no: 1445/3/2022/02 361/LAPREN for Adele’s restaurant to obtain an alcohol license with extended opening hours.


Our bedroom is at REDACTED and we are very concerned about noise.


We already experience anti-social behaviour and noise - including urinating and vomiting - at the front of the property and the rear of the property is the one area which is peaceful.


There are enough alcohol licenses already in the area, adding more will potentially lead to more anti - social behaviour.


Palmeira Square is in a conservation area and the properties are Grade 2 listed.


In our view granting the licence will have a detrimental effect on the character and atmosphere of the square.


If you require any further information, we will be happy to provide it.


Yours faithfully,




Sent: 03 August 2022 08:54

To: EHL Safety <>

Subject: Objections to Alcohol Licence Applic: 1445/3/2022/02 361/LAPREN Adele's Actually/Intergen House

Importance: High



Dear Environmental Health and Licensing


Re Licence Application number 1445/3/2022/02 361/LAPREN


I am the owner of REDACTED.


I am writing to strongly oppose the application for alcohol licence (reference above) at Adele’s Actually/ Intergen House (65-67 Western Road, Hove BN3 2JQ)


There are a variety of reasons


1) The REDACTED of my home REDACTED, and is in REDACTED to the suggested bar. There will be resultant noise intrusion, due to REDACTED, causing disturbance of sleep and the ability to peacefully enjoy my home.


2) I would like to highlight that my REDACTED sleeps in the REDACTED, and suffers severe sleep problems. An alcohol serving venue at this site will exacerbate sleep issues, causing negative impact on her rest, sleep, mental and physical health and REDACTED.


3) I have lived in this apartment for 15 years. In this time, the increase in activity from those leaving bars and the resultant night-time revelry has been noticeably more intrusive. In fact, my front bedroom has become so noisy from night time revellers who create noise in REDACTED, that it is very difficult to use as a bedroom. My REDACTED has moved from the front bedroom to the rear bedroom due to this noise. I now use the front bedroom and can only sleep if I use ear plugs, which impacts severely on my ability to rest and my own health.


4) There is already a high density of bars in close viscinity of Palmeira square. Additional alcohol licenses will lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour. Those leaving bars tend to often congregate in groups in Palmeira square in the evenings, and a further alcohol licence, so close to the square, means more noise intrusion at the top of the square, directly outside REDACTED

5) I work as a REDACTED, and sometimes work hours that require resting in the early evening. The suggestion of an alcohol license and the resultant increased noise and activity in this area of Palmeira square would not be sympathetic to the rest and demands and hours of my work.


6) This is a listed Conservation area. The increase in bars and resultant negative behaviours will impact negatively on the appearance and ambience of the area. It is not in keeping with preserving this aspect.


7) Parking is already a challenge, with delivery lorries often parking directly outside REDACTED which is dangerous to those crossing at this corner, particularly to children. If there is an alcohol licence, there is likely to be delivery vans stopping, obstructing and causing safety problems to deliver alcohol, which is clearly occurring on Western road outside pubs and bars. The resultant traffic jams would also worsen air quality and increase car emissions.


For the reasons above, and the grave concerns I have regarding the ability to rest and peacefully enjoy my family home, I strongly oppose this alcohol licence application.




Sent: 03 August 2022 17:33
To: EHL Safety <>
Subject: Re: Proposed Alcohol Licence Adele’s actually! ground floor, Intergen House 65-67 Western Road Hove BN3 2JQ





Re: Proposed Alcohol Licence Adele’s actually! ground floor, Intergen House 65-67 Western Road Hove BN3 2JQ


My objections to the proposed Alcohol licence application are as follows:


Either side of Palmeira Square there are already 2 off licenced premises and in close proximity are another 6 licensed premises, and in addition on the corner of Holland Road stands The Wick public house.


The premises “ Adele’s actually! “ occupies the ground floor  Intergen House and REDACTED, with REDACTED.


Currently the tenant Adele’s actually! and the previous tenant have only been open during week days ie: Monday to Friday from morning until mid afternoon. 


Granting an alcohol licence and extending their opening hours to late evenings and weekends ( and of course additional time to clean etc.) will bring further noise to the area and this will directly disturb and seriously impede on daily living, sleeping etc.especially to those like me in REDACTED and in particular those residents of REDACTED ,Palmeira Square.


It will also bring added noise pollution, white noise, possibly light pollution and anti social behaviour, and the revelry that alcohol can bring. 



I’m attaching a recent photograph taken last Friday morning as you will see during last Thursday evening someone chose to defecate on the doorstep of REDACTED.


Sadly these disgusting anti social acts including acts of urinating and vomiting are becoming far too frequent.


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