Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture Committee

Agenda Item 21

Subject:                    Licensing scheme for short term holiday lets and airbnbs

                                    Notice of Motion referred from Council on the 21 July 2022


Date of meeting:    15 September 2022


Ward(s) affected:   All



For general release





1.1    To receive the following Notice of Motion which was debated at and referred from the full Council meeting held on the 21 July 2022.




2.1      That the Committee responds to the motion concerning the sale of new hones as second homes either by noting it or where it is considered more appropriate, calling for an officer report on the matter as requested, which may give consideration to a range of options.



3.1      The following resolution from the full council meeting held on the 21 July 2022 for the committee to consider is detailed below:


This committee notes:


·         The disruption, distress, and exacerbation to the housing supply crisis that the rise in short term holiday lettings such as AirBnB have inflicted on our local communities

·         That some short-term holiday lets have replaced long term rental accommodation, stifling supply of rented accommodation and in turn driving rents up and conditions down

·         The detrimental impact holiday lets have on local hotels, bed and breakfast establishments and our aim for a circular local economy that builds community wealth


This council also notes:


·         The council has previously reviewed options to regulate short term lets (1) (2), which confirmed that it has no powers to license short term lets

·         The government have recently assessed the impact of short term lets in England (3) and have launched a consultation on regulation in June 2022, which closes on 21st September. (4)



Therefore, this Council resolves to:


1) Request a report to come to next TECC Committee which provides updates on the report from March 20, including new legislation in Wales, changes in tax policy, and suggestions made by AirBnB themselves (5)


2)Submit a response to the government’s call for evidence


3) Request the Chief Executive write to the Housing Secretary, lobbying for powers to;


·         Designate a minimum percentage of rented housing to be reserved for long term lets, and place a cap on the number of holiday lets

·         Introduce a licensing scheme similar to that laid out by the Welsh Government, to not only limit the number of second homes and holiday lets, but to ensure fair taxation is extracted from them

·         Change planning laws to require landlords wishing to convert their property into a holiday let to have to apply for change of use to a new class use for holiday lets




(6)                Party Houses Scrutiny Panel in 2014

(7)                TECC committee report in March 2020

(8)                The Growth in Short-Term Lets (England) Government report

(9)                Government Consultation link

(10)            AirBnB White Paper