Room G84, Hove Town Hall

                                                     Norton Road, Hove BN23 3BQ





13 September 2022


Cllr David Gibson

Chair, Housing Committee

Hove Town Hall, Hove, East Sussex.  BN3 3BQ



Dear Cllr Gibson,


Member Letter (Procedure rule 23.3):  Tents and the council’s homeless bill of rights


I am writing this letter to bring the committee’s attention to the high number of tents present in public places and parks in the city over the course of the summer, which has potentially been caused by the Council’s new Homeless Bill of Rights policy.


Over the summer, the council has tolerated tents being camped along Valley

Gardens and other places for extended periods.  The lack of action from the council to remove these encouraged them to multiply further and it reached the point where tables and chairs were being put out by tent occupants.


When Valley Gardens was opened in August 2020 the Council provided assurances to residents that it would not allow these new public gardens to become a place for tents to be pitched.  However since then the Greens and Labour have introduced a Homeless Bill of Rights, changing the City’s policy on tents in public spaces.


I am concerned that this new policy is restricting the ability that officers once had to remove tents and keep parks and public places free for the safe enjoyment of residents.  Residents’ Associations such as the Old Steine Community Association are deeply concerned about the lack of action from the Council on tents.


Can you please advise whether the council’s adoption of the Homeless Bill of Rights will be reconsidered in light of the impact it is having on permitting tents in the city’s parks; and respond to these concerns expressed by residents and their associations.


Yours sincerely,


Cllr Anne Meadows Conservative Group Spokesperson on Housing Conservative Group of Councillors
Telephone: 01273 290454