Housing Committee

Agenda Item 24 (d) 


Subject:                    Housing Repairs Task Force


Date of meeting:    September 2022


Proposer:                 Councillor Meadows

Seconder:                Councillor Barnett


Ward(s) affected:   All



Notice of Motion


Conservative Group



This committee:


1)    Notes that since the housing repairs service was insourced in March 2020, a backlog of over 9,608 repairs has accumulated.


2)    Notes that tenant and leaseholder representatives were advised in August that the council is now looking to establish a housing repairs task force and will employ 11 separate contractors to try and address the backlog.


3)    Requests that a report be presented to this committee that:


a.    Clarifies the council’s current housing repairs policies regarding insourcing and the use of contractors; and


b.    Outlines how a proposed housing repairs task force will address the current backlog, including how much this will cost and how it will be funded.



Supporting Information: