Actions from Area Panel meeting 17.08.22


Deadline for staff to respond: 14.09.22


Officer(s) Responsible


Date of Completion

Justine Harris to report Ian Beck’s concerns regarding missed refuse collections to Rachel Chasseaud.

Justine Harris


September 2022

North Area team to investigate broken gate that has lead to fly tipping in residents garden.


Grant Ritchie

The gate at The Crestway has been repaired.

W/c 22nd August 2022

Michael Raywood to contact Robert Walker regarding the clearance of brambles overhanging onto Davey Drive.


Michael Raywood/Robert Walker

There is an ongoing piece of work to reduce the issues here, but access and the steepness of the site is limiting what can be cleared.


The initial phase of the works was carried out in March to clear the lower 3m of the bank of brambles and a landscape fabric installed to reduce regrowth.


The second phase is planned for the winter period and is currently being procured. This will include the clearance of any regrowth, reinstatement of landscape fabric and planting of native shrubs through the landscape fabric. In addition, due to the extent of the regrowth from the brambles that can’t be cleared, we are also looking at options to provide a physical barrier such as a low fence and planting the strip between the fence & wall with low maintenance vegetation.


September 2022

Rachel Chasseaud to attend next meeting.

Rachel Chasseaud

Rachel has confirmed that she will attend the meeting.

September 2022

Grant Ritchie to investigate Ian Beck’s leaking tap and water bill costs due to delays in repair.

Grant Ritchie

We provide a letter for tenants who have had significant water leaks to confirm that this is the case which can be used when questioning any bill increase with their water provider. They are usually provided on request but I have asked the team to be proactive in offering letters where appropriate. Please can any tenant concerned about additional cost due to a leak email

September 2022