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North Area

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3 Star

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Justine Harris

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Head of Tenancy Services

Resident Question

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Recycling and Rubbish Collections



The recycling and rubbish collections are still not being carried out on a regular basis in the Hollingdean area, and elsewhere in the city.


Reports have been made to Area Panel on a number of occasions about the problems with recycling and rubbish collections in Hollingdean and other parts of the city. This has still not been resolved.


In Southmont, Hollingdean: since the beginning of the year there have only been 20 rubbish collections completed; 11 collections have been missed. There have only been 5 recycling collections completed; 14 collections have been missed; there were 3 part-collections.


It was reported that Hollingbury were experiencing the same issues of missed collections.


Residents are not satisfied with the response they received from officers at the last Area Panel.

Action requested by residents:

It was agreed to raise the following at all Area Panels:

·         Why has the problem of rubbish and recycling collections still not been resolved?

·         When will it be resolved?

·         Residents would like Rachel Chasseaud (CityClean) to be present at the next Area Panel meeting

Officer Response

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Officer Response:

We apologise for any missed collections of Southmont and for the inconvenience this would have caused. Our data does not reflect the number of missed collections reported in this question. We urge residents to report them online if possible or email if there are any, so that this can be logged and investigated immediately.


A representative of City Clean will be attending the next area panel meeting to discuss further.

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