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Central Area

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3 Star

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Justine Harris

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Head of Tenancy Services

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Anti-Social Behaviour


Anti-social behaviour is a major, on-going issue. It is extremely disruptive and stressful to residents. Despite lots of reports and discussions, the situation on the ground is getting worse, rather than improving.


A recent Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) review was undertaken by the Housing Tenancy Management team, with involvement from residents. This made some recommendations around ASB and there was positive feedback from residents involved in the process. Central residents raised some concerns about what happens next:

  • Central residents stressed they wanted action not words. People are living in extremely difficult situations which affect every aspect of their lives and are not seeing the Council take any action.
  • The Council does not take strong enough action against ASB. Stronger policies are needed, and firmer implementation of policies that do exist. Too many exceptions are made and issues are not followed through.
  • People should be held accountable for their actions, and victims of Anti-Social Behaviour need to see the Council acting to protect them.
  • There was a frustration about the seemingly intractable nature of the problem.
    Central residents have worked for years and put many hours of their time into trying to improve things. They have raised complaints, held joint meetings with different agencies, met with officers and Councillors, been part of reviews and working groups and still do not see any improvement in the situation.


Action requested by residents:

Request a discussion on ASB at the next Central Area Panel. This needs to allow enough time for residents’ contributions and for officers and Councillors to say what concrete actions they are taking around the issues raised.

Officer Response

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Officer Response:

Thank you for your question. I fully appreciate why residents want action and not words.  ASB has such a high impact on individuals and communities.


As set out in the review of ASB, that came to Area Panel in May 2022, the policy is being rewritten.


The policy will go to Housing Committee for approval in January 2023.  It will take into account feedback from residents, much of what is reflected in this question. This includes better communication with residents, relating to decision making and the legal process and a having a clear victim centred approach.


One of the recommendations is to explore the use of Community Protection Notices, currently used by other services but not Housing.  Residents who took part in the ASB review told us that the council needs to show they are taking action to protect residents. In response, to this feedback, the task and finish group suggested that the council publish statistics on ASB related court action.


I would welcome a discussion on ASB with residents at the Area Panel. I have let the Community Engagement team know that residents have requested this so that it can be included on the agenda and given the time for the discussion it needs.



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Next Area Panel is 13th December

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