Resident Questions for Housing Area Panel

Reference Number: C3.2                    



Date question raised


Date of Area Panel


Area in city

Central Area

Star rating applied by residents

3 Star

Deadline for officer response


Name of officer responding

Hilary Edgar

Officer job title

Housing Services Operations Manager

Resident Question

Title of Question

Carparks at Somerset Point, Essex Place and Warwick Mount


The report on car parks to the last Area Panel did not adequately address the problem.


There is extensive abuse of the parking regulations, poor administration and lack of enforcement. There are specific problems at Essex, Warwick and Somerset but poor administration and lack of enforcement is a city-wide issue. This is a long-term problem which won’t improve unless the Council takes some major and decisive action, for example taking the carparks back under Council control.


Action requested by residents:

Request a response from Councillors, with their ideas for major and decisive actions to improve the management and enforcement of regulations in council carparks.

Officer Response

Officer contact details:

Tel: 01273 293250


Officer Response:

I have contacted the resident representative from Essex Place, who was at the residents’ only meeting where this question was asked. This was in order to find out what the specific problems are in the Essex, Warwick and Somerset car parks.   I will be meeting Emma and residents from the other two blocks at Essex Place in October (date to be confirmed at time of writing) with the aim of drawing up an action plan to address the parking issues at these sites.


Action plan tailored to parking problems at Essex, Warwick and Somerset car parks.

Start date:

October 2022

End date: