Resident Questions for Housing Area Panel

Reference Number: C3.5                    



Date question raised


Date of Area Panel


Area in city

Central Area

Star rating applied by residents

3 Star

Deadline for officer response


Name of officer responding

Justine Harris

Officer job title

Head of Tenancy Services

Resident Question

Title of Question

Cleaners at Essex Place and Citywide



Cleaners at Essex Place are being asked to cover too big an area. This makes it impossible for them to do a decent job. @More cleaners are needed. Residents are paying for cleaning services through their rents and are not getting value for money.

Cleaners can also do the best job if they have a regular patch so they can build relationships with residents and knowledge of the area.

This is a problem throughout the city, not just in Essex Place.



Action requested by residents:

The Council needs to employ more cleaners, so tenants get the service they are paying for.

Officer Response

Officer contact details:

Chloe McLaughlin – x1072

Officer Response:

Cleaning schedules are created using the size of the high rise and surrounding areas. High rise blocks are cleaned as follows:


Daily clean – ground floor lobby, lifts, walk through of floors and back stairs, bin area

Weekly – litter-pick, bin areas, accessible entrance glazing

Monthly – Landings & stairwells, accessible glazing, stairs, lift doors and interior


Over time some cleaners have condensed this cleaning and clean their high rises fully once a week or once a fortnight. Throughout the period of the pandemic they also focussed more on touch surfaces. I am currently reviewing the cleaning schedules in order to revert to the original way of working.


The Estates Service have just recruited four extra cleaners to enable us to keep to an agreed schedule with the block cleaning.


Current cleaning schedules for high rise blocks is being reviewed, any changes implemented will be to ensure high standard of cleaning is being provided.

Start date:

September 2022

End date:

October 2022