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North Area

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2 Star

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Justine Harris

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Head of Tenancy Services

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Cars Parked on Double Yellows in Hollingdean



Cars are frequently illegally parked along double yellow lines in Hollingdean.


Illegal parking is causing obstruction to other road users, including access for ambulances [see minutes of last North Residents Only meeting, 28th June 2022, Item 14].

The Council’s response to this item was that enforcement officers would be asked to step up enforcement in the area and increase visits.

Residents have not seen evidence of enforcement or increase of visits to Hollingdean. The problem has not been resolved.

Action requested by residents:

It was agreed to raise the following questions at Area Panel:

·         Why have enforcement officers not yet been sent to Hollingdean?

·         Why have the number of visits by enforcement officers not increased?

·         When will this start happening

Officer Response

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Officer Response:

Enforcement officer patrols of the area have increased, although this is mainly for the enforcement of double yellow lines as there are currently fewer restrictions than in other parts of the city with controlled parking zones.

Here is a list of some of the streets in the area that have been visited in the last month along with Penalty Charge Notices PCNs issued:


Davey Drive – 18 visits, 10 PCNs

Waverley Crescent – 3 visits, 2 PCNs

Tavistock Down – 12 visits, 2 PCNs

The Crossway – 4 visits

The Linkway – 4 visits, 1 PCN

Horton Rd – 10 visits, 4 PCNs

Roedale Rd – 4 visits, 4 PCNs

Dudley Rd – 4 visits 4 PCNs

Hollingdean Terrace – 2 visits, 2 PCNs

Hollingbury PL – 7 visits, 4 PCNs

Stanmer Park Rd – 5 visits

Stanmer Villas – 5 visits



If there is problem parking this can be reported directly to our enforcement officers on 0345 603 5469 and selecting option 2. The nearest enforcement officer will be sent to issue a Penalty Charge Notice.


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