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Reference Number: N2.2                    



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North Area

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2 Star

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Justine Harris

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Head of Tenancy Services

Resident Question

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Parking Consultation in Hollingdean



Hollingdean residents have not been properly consulted regarding parking issues in the area.



Part 2 of a parking consultation in Hollingdean was due to take place. However, residents were recently informed by their local Councillors (Cllrs Zoe John & Martin Osborne) that a decision had already been made by the Council with regards to parking in Hollingdean.


Residents feel that their voices are being ignored, and are unhappy that they have not been fully consulted to address the parking issues in Hollingdean.


Action requested by residents:

It was agreed to raise the following at Area Panel:


·         Why were residents not fully consulted on parking issues as arranged?

·         Why have residents not been informed of the Council’s decisions regarding changes to parking in Hollingdean?


Officer Response

Officer contact details:

Tony Patchett Parking Scheme Project Manager

Parking Design & Implementation Team

Officer Response:

1.    Residents of Hollingdean were written to in April of this year to enquire if they would like to be considered for a residents parking scheme. This was the preliminary stage to gauge if there was support for a scheme. There are three stages to a full parking consultation; The preliminary stage, detailed design stage and traffic regulation order stage. All three are subject to Committee approval at their respective stages.


2.    The results of the preliminary consultation will be presented to the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee on 20th September. The Hollingdean webpage will be updated after the Committee decision with the results and next steps.



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