Brighton & Hove City Council


Public & Members Engagement Meeting


4.30pm21 July 2022














25          Deputations from members of the public


25.1    The mayor noted that four deputations had been received from members of the public and invited Ms Hyde as the spokesperson for the deputation to join the meeting and address the council.


25.2    Ms Hyde thanked the mayor and outlined the reasons for the deputation which sought the council’s support for more and improved consultation with Marine Gate residents on the future of the gasworks site going forward. Asking the council to recognise that the current proposals are totally unsympathetic to Marine Gate as an historic building and are unsuited to the site. Calling for any future plans to recognise the historic and recognised historic status of Marine Gate.


25.3    Councillor Mac Cafferty thanked Ms Hyde for presenting the deputation and confirmed that Marine Gate was included on the council’s Local List of Heritage assets. This acknowledged the architectural interest of the building and it being a local landmark on that part of the seafront. Although, this did not give it the same level of protection as designated heritage assets such as a listed building; it is a material consideration. National policy requires the council to take into account the effect of an application on the significance of a locally listed heritage asset - having regard to the scale of any harm and the significance of the heritage asset. In response to concerns raised about the level of consultation on the Gasworks planning application. He stated that officers had advised that site notices were displayed immediately outside of Marine Gate, and around the local area, on 10 December 2021. To date, 22 Marine Gate residents have responded to the consultation which would indicate that residents are aware of the scheme. He would pass the deputation on to the case officer for the Gasworks application so it can be treated as a further representation on the application. He stated that in terms of the Gasworks application – it was still under consideration and remained very much ‘live’, with amendments and further information expected in the coming months. Once the updated information had been received, there would be a further round of public consultation. He assured that the impact of the development on Marine Gate and the amenity its residents, would be carefully considered by officers as part of the planning application process. He advised that the final decision on the application would be made by councillors at Planning Committee.


25.4    The mayor thanked Ms Hyde for joining the meeting and speaking on behalf of the deputation. She explained that the matter had been noted and the deputation would be referred to the Policy & Resources Committee for consideration. The persons forming the deputation would be invited to attend the meeting and would be informed subsequently of any action to be taken or proposed, in relation to the matter set out in the deputation.