Report – New Beach Chalets

Presented to TECC Committee 3rd November 2022


Appendix 3 - Beach Chalet Design and Materials

·         The design and style of the Beach Chalets proposed in this report meet the following criteria :

o   Key Client Requirements – Resilience, Easy to Maintain, Environmentally Sustainable

o   Key Performance Requirements – Resilient to the Impacts of the Marine Environment, Resilient Design and Construction to withstand Vandalism, Low Maintenance

·         The Feasibility Study proposed different designs for the beach chalets. Typically, beach chalets are brick-built adjoined structures, some with water and electricity services. The current beach chalets are expensive to maintain and are prone to vandalism (with flat roofs) and are not highly resilient to the marine environment

·         The style of chalet chosen for the new beach chalets in Saltdean, reflect the Radical Design, outlined in the Feasibility Study, to ensure they meet the key performance requirements:

o   Weatherproof and resilient to marine environment

o   Class A fireproofing

o   Vandalism resistant 

o   Low maintenance

·         Double style chalets have been proposed, with a dual pitched roof which look similar in style to adjoined beach huts. They will have French doors (without windows or glazed panels) and  open outward. The chalets are made of composite material, completely weatherproof and fireproof (to Class A rating). The beach chalets are prefabricated off site, delivered and installed directly on the ground. Each chalet will be connected to electricity and each set of chalets will be served by a drinking water standpipe.

·         See Fig 1. Below.

·         The exact colours, roof style etc will be subject to discussions with the Contractor once the project is approved.


Fig 1. Examples of Beach Chalets


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