To control charity/ event signs upon the highway to ensure safe access and avoiding driver distraction and reducing street clutter, while permitting the advertising of local event signs across the city.




1.        A charity/ sign manufacturer must apply for a licence/ permission to install charity/ event directional signs on the public highway.*


2.        The event signage will only advertise a local event.


3.        The cost of the permission/ licence is currently £11 for each sign, charities are offered a 50% discount on the first five signs.


4.        BHCC will only allow a maximum of ten signs for each event.


5.        Applicants will be required to commission a company to design a sign proposal that are created in accordance and comply with the Traffic Signs Regulation and General Directions 2016 and Traffic Signs Manual chapter 7 ***


6.        A copy of the sign design, sign locations/map and a copy of the contractor’s public liability insurance (to the value of £10 million) must be included with the submission


7.        shall not be erected more than one week prior to the event and shall be removed immediately afterwards**


Maintenance and removal of approved signs shall be the responsibility of the Event organisers/ sign company, the council reserve the right to remove the signs at any time.


9.        The charity/ event signage signs must not obscure other traffic management signs or be installed on traffic signals.



Supporting Information

*        This only applies to roads maintained by Brighton & Hove City Council

**       Should the need for longer periods required, you may apply for an extension.

***    The Maximum X-height for the developer signs will be 50mm and installed above the minimum head height of 2.1m ( 2.3m near cycle lanes)      



Date of approval:


Review by: Within 5 years