To set out the practice to deal with the growing demand for installing directional development signs across the city and reducing street clutter.




1.        A developer must apply for a licence/ permission to install directional signs on the public highway.*


2.        The Licence/ permission of valid for one calendar year**


3.        The cost of the permission/ licence is currently £400 for the first five signs and £75 for each additional sign.


4.        BHCC will only allow a maximum of ten signs per development.


5.        Applicants will be required to commission a company to design a sign proposal that are created in accordance and comply with the Traffic Signs Regulation and General Directions 2016 and Traffic Signs Manual chapter 7 ***


6.        A copy of the sign design, sign locations/map and a copy of the contractor’s public liability insurance (to the value of £10 million) must be included with the submission


7.        Signs must be removed within 2 months of the sale of 70% of the development or within 6 months of construction, whichever is sooner

8.        Maintenance and removal of approved signs shall be the responsibility of the developer/ sign company, the council reserve the right to remove the signs at any time.


9.        Developer directional signs must not obscure other traffic management signs or be installed on traffic signals.



Supporting Information

*        This only applies to roads maintained by Brighton & Hove City Council

**       Should the need for longer periods required, you may apply for an extension.

***    The Maximum X-height for the developer signs will be 50mm and installed above the minimum head height of 2.1m ( 2.3m near cycle lanes)      



Date of approval:


Review by: Within 5 years