To set out the practice to deal with the demand for tourist & directional signs for establishments / facilities across the city and to reduce street clutter.




1.        An applicant/ operator must apply for permission to install tourist directional signs on the public highway.*


2.        The permission is valid for five years from a successful application**


3.        The cost of each sign is currently £350 per sign, *June 2022.


4.        BHCC will only allow a maximum of four signs per establishment.


5.        Signs will be created in accordance and comply with the Traffic Signs Regulation and General Directions 2016 and Traffic Signs Manual chapter 7.


6.        Tourist & directional signs will only be provided on the grounds of directing the general public to eligible establishments and to safely direct traffic***


7.        Directional signs shall not be provided for Schools, nurseries, churches, places of worship, nursing/care homes, or individual retails shops.

8.        Maintenance and removal of approved signs shall be the responsibility of the council, the council reserve the right to remove the signs at any time.


9.        Tourist directional signs are subject to a five yearly review and applicants must re apply for permission for the sign, a renewal fee for this will be required to cover maintenance of the sign.



Supporting Information

*        This only applies to roads maintained by Brighton & Hove City Council

**       The council are responsible for maintaining these signs for the 5 year period.

***    Signs will only be provided/ considered for directional purposes and not for promotional or advertising purposes to the applicant/ operator.


Date of approval:


Review by: Within 5 years