12 OCTOBER 2022 – 7PM




Residents: Barbara Castleton, Catherine Roberts, Desmond Jones, Ian Beck, Heather Hayes,
Jim Hornsby

Councillors: Cllr Fowler (Chair) Cllr Grimshaw,

Officers: Grant Ritchie, Jan Dowdell, Francis Mitchell, Martin Reid, Sam Warren, Natalie Beckwith

Press: Felice Southwell



1.1   There were apologies from Cllr Knight, Jane Hunter, Theresa O’Connor, Ian Knowles, Rebecca Mann, Justine Harris and Geof Gage.



2.1   The minutes were agreed as correct record.



3.1   Ian Beck communicated that despite the action ‘North Area team to investigate broken gate that has lead to fly tipping in residents garden’ being listed as complete, it had not in fact yet been actioned. Grant Ritchie offered to look into this.

a.       ACTION – Grant Ritchie to look into repair on resident’s gate.

3.2   Ian Beck stated that despite the action stating she would be in attendance, Rachel Chassaud was not present at the meeting. Ian Beck cited concerns regarding waste collection and requested the rubbish collection website be updated so that the advertised collection days are correct.

3.3   Martin Reid invited Ian Beck to contact him outside of the meeting to address his concerns directly.

a.       ACTION – Martin Reid to contact Ian Beck regarding concerns with waste collection.

3.4   Ian Beck expressed concerns regarding the progress of holding back overhanging brambles at the bottom of Davey Drive and requested the first metre of brambles are cut back immediately.

3.5   Sam Warren stated that she would contact Robert Walker in relation to Ian Beck’s concerns regarding Davey Drive.

a.       ACTION – Sam Warren to contact Robert Walker regarding brambles on Davey Drive.


4.1   Sam Warren delivered the presentation on this item as seen in the agenda.

4.2   Cllr Grimshaw suggested residents could arrive half an hour early to Area Panels to express individual matters that do not concern other residents.

4.3   Grant Ritchie communicated that he felt reserving half an hour before the meeting for individual concerns was a good idea.

4.4   Martin Reid stated that Councillors in the East area had held repairs surgeries with residents and collated residents concerns and passed them onto housing to action.

4.5   Catherine Roberts stated that Council staff could attend different forums to communicate with residents, citing events that the Junk Food Project have hosted.

4.6   Cllr Grimshaw questioned whether it would be possible to make a page on the Council’s website that allowed residents from each area of the city to post their concerns.

4.7   Barbara Castleton was informed that residents who do not have internet access can still attend meetings and detailed that paper newsletters such as Homing In will continue to be distributed.

4.8   Catherine Roberts stated that everybody should be included in Area Panel meetings whether they live in a Council property or not.

4.9   Grant Ritchie suggested holding meetings in two halves with the first part being focused on the community with the second half being more selective.

4.10                       Janet Dowdell mentioned that there was a resident from another area who attends Area Panels despite not living in a Council property and stated that it would be a shame to lose such attendees by limiting attendance to meetings.

4.11                       Sam Warren suggested the possibility of allowing non-Council residents to attend Area Panels but only allow Council tenants to vote on the allocation of HRA money.

4.12                       Cllr Grimshaw suggested that attendance to Area Panels should be flexible in terms of attendance.

4.13                       Sam Warren informed Ian Beck that younger people could be included in Area Panel meetings and tenants’ associations by making recordings of the meetings available online or hosting a platform online where individuals can participate and leave feedback, questions, and ideas.

4.14                       Sam Warren offered to talk to Catherine Roberts after the meeting regarding a tool workshop that is being set up.

4.15                       Cllr Grimshaw mentioned that local libraries also allow residents to borrow equipment such as drills.

4.16                       Sam Warren stated that the next steps for the Area Panel Review would be to have a final meeting with tenants and leaseholders before meeting with the Housing Leadership Team as well as the chairs of Area Panels and the chair of Housing Committee. Sam Warren stated that a draft report with recommendations for the new Area Panel terms of reference will be taken to the December Area Panel meetings.




5.1   Janet Dowdell delivered the report on this item as seen in the agenda.

5.2   Heather Hayes stated that fly-tipping is a major issue partly because it costs £50 to get items removed by the Council, reduced to £25 for pensioners.

5.3   Martin Reid stated he would look into what part of the Council charges for that.

a.       ACTION – Martin Reid to contact Heather Hayes/report back to next meeting with details of item removal charges.

5.4   Desmond Jones stated that he previously had a cooker moved by the Council for £15. Desmond Jones also stated that the Council used to be extremely quick at removing fly-tipping waste.

5.5   Cllr Grimshaw stated that residents who cannot afford to remove their rubbish are burying waste in their gardens.

5.6   Cllr Fowler and Janet Dowdell suggested hosting clean-up days, citing previous successes with such events and their ability to clear large volumes of waste.

5.7   Cllr Grimshaw suggested providing skips for residents on low incomes, citing setting up a third sector charity for this.

5.8   Barbara Castleton was informed where that the area walkabout pilots were held in three estates in the North Area and that by the end of the week a two-year programme would be mapped out which includes every estate.

a.       ACTION – Janet Dowdell to provide Barbara Castleton with two-year programme.

5.9   Jim Hornsby suggested a follow-up meeting to estate walkabouts so that residents can monitor the work that is being done.

5.10                       Ian Beck highlighted the use of CCTV to prevent fly-tipping, citing two businesses that have been caught.



Boiler Installation and Repairs:

6.1   Heather Hayes stated that KT Heating inspected her boiler and left a note declaring her boiler a danger and mentioned that this was due to the boiler being installed incorrectly. Heather Hayes informed the panel that while her boiler is now working, it took a very long time for it to be repaired.

6.2   Martin Reid stated he would investigate Heather Hayes’ case.

a.       ACTION – Martin Reid to investigate Heather Hayes’ lengthy boiler repair time.

6.3   Ian Beck stated he preferred KT Heating to Mears and commending KT Heating for their respect for his home.


Further clarification of EIB and EDB:

6.4   Barbara Castleton stated that a bid was put in for a ramp outside the St George Community Centre and while a bid was agreed there has been no communication regarding construction of the ramp.

6.5   Sam Warren informed Barbara Castleton that the main bid meetings were being held the following week and that Barbara should hear back regarding the bid around that time.



Cars parked on Double Yellows in Hollingdean:

7.1   Ian Beck stated that he had reported parking on double yellow lines and in both cases the cars had been towed within hours.






The meeting concluded at 21:00