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16th November

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Geof Gage

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Head of Housing Investment and Asset Management

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Boiler Installation and Repairs: K&T Heating


The quality of work done by K&T Heating engineers is not consistently up to standard.


North Moulsecoomb and Coldean residents reported having very poor service and repair of their boilers by K&T Heating engineers.

Residents reported having to call Repairs repeatedly due to K&T Heating engineers not being able to fix the problem, fitting the wrong parts, or fitting unsuitable parts.


A resident in North Moulsecoomb reported an incident of a new boiler being fitted incorrectly, and the flat being flooded shortly after.


Hollingdean residents reported having a good experience of boiler repairs and installation by K&T Heating engineers.

At the last Area Panel, the question was raised as to whether K&T Heating were qualified to carry out repairs on boilers. The response from the Council officer suggested that they were. However, residents’ experiences indicate that not all engineers are qualified and capable to the same degree.

Action requested by residents:

·        Residents are not satisfied with the inconsistency of the quality and standard of repairs and service provided by K&T Heating.

·        Residents would like the Council to investigate and raise this issue with K&T Heating.

·        Residents would like to know what K&T Heating will do to improve the level of repairs service they are currently providing, and how they will ensure that all their engineers are trained and qualified to a high standard.

Officer Response

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Officer Response:

Thank you for your question.


I can confirm that all engineers that undertake work with BHCC properties are trained to the highest standard and are trained/assessed by Steve Willis Training Centres, this enables them to be ACS qualified and competent to undertake the work on gas appliances and central heating systems.


In the absence of a confirmed address for the properties in question, it does leave me unable to substantiate any of the allegations that have been made against K&T’s workmanship or conduct.


I can confirm that all the engineering staff are registered as competent and are supported by technical support from management and the appliance manufacturers Worcester with whom there is a long-standing relationship between both parties. 


Regarding the actions that have been requested by the residents, I would request that the addresses for the individual incidents are provided, so that the details of the properties can be fully investigated, to establish the exact nature of the complaints regarding the wrong parts being fitted and the K&T engineers being unable to resolve the issues.

This will assist me in the further investigation as I believe that all the K&T Engineers meet all the requirements that are expected of BHCC, from both their training and the GasSafe registration, which is obtained through ACS (Approved Certification Scheme) and are supported through technical support of both management and manufacturer



To be further investigated on receipt of details if necessary



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