Council                                                                   Agenda Item 61


Subject:                    Mental Health Emergency


Date of meeting:    15 December 2022


Ward(s) affected:   All


Proposer:                 Councillor Appich

Seconder:                Councillor Shanks



Joint Notice of Motion


Labour and Green Group



This council:


  1. Notes the demand on mental health services outlined in the Mental Health Joint Strategic Needs Assessment [1] which highlights that the demands on and levels of need for mental health services in Brighton & Hove is high compared to England, in the case of children and young people, as well as working age adults and older adults
  2. declares its recognition of a local and national mental health emergency
  3. recognises the Brighton & Hove Citizens campaign and commits to work in partnership to ensure the voices of young people and marginalised communities are included in every step of the work to address the mental health emergency


Therefore, resolves to:


  1. Request the chief executive writes to the Education Secretary requesting resources to better equip education providers to deal with the challenges of poor mental health for students, teachers and staff;
  2. Request a report be brought to Health and Wellbeing Board which:
  1. explores the options for rolling out school and college-based counselling across the city
  2. receives an update on funding committed at Budget Council in February on mental health first aid training


  1. Request a report to Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee which: 
  1. calls for greater collaboration between NHS and other public services including council and police 
  2. sets out what training is and can be provided to frontline public services including education providers, police and the community and voluntary sector
  3. sets out a plan for regular reports back to the committee 
  4. outlines local Mental Health Emergency Response Service provision and recommends improvements

Supporting Information: