Subject:                    Climate emergency four years on


Date of meeting:    15 December 2022



Agenda Item 67






Ward(s) affected:   All


Proposer:                 Councillor Hills

Seconder:                Councillor Littman 



Green Group


Notice of Motion


This council notes:


  1. The city council declared a climate and biodiversity emergency in December 2018 [1]
  2. That following dramatic weather events over the autumn, it is clear that climate change isn’t just coming – it is here and  has already had an impact on the city such as with localised flooding.
  3. The council’s Carbon Neutral Programme's focus on Carbon Reduction, Climate Adaptation and Conserving & Enhancing Biodiversity and the annual report showing our performance [2]
  4. Information made available on the council website on the action being taken on the climate and biodiversity emergency, including the recent annual report (Link: Appendix 1 Annual Report 2021-22 FINAL covers.pdf (
  5. The work of the Brighton Chamber to encouraging business to become net zero champions [3]


Therefore, resolves to request:


  1. The Chief Executive  to write to businesses and third sector organisations in the city, highlighting:-


(a)  The Council’s actions to address the climate and biodiversity emergency;

(b)  That the council contributes less than 2% of the city’s carbon emissions and advertising the support available to businesses to cut transport emissions, such as the e-cargo bike accelerator project.


  1. The Chief Executive to write to the Secretary of State for environment, food and rural affairs asking them to provide further funding to councils, businesses and third sector organisations to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergency, calling upon the government to publish a full set of environmental performance indicators.




Supporting Information:




[3] Net Zero in Brighton | Brighton Chamber