Appendix 2 - Minutes from the Procurement Advisory Board meeting of 21st November 2022

4                Electric Vehicle Charge Point Procurement


4.1      The Parking Strategy & Contracts Manager, Paul Nicholls, introduced the report starting on page 19 of the agenda.

4.2      Cllr Yates stated that he believed the contract had performed poorly in terms of meeting the city’s needs thus far, given the unequitable distribution of charging ports throughout wards outside the city centre.

4.3      Cllr Yates was notified that:

·        The On-Street Residential ChargePoint Scheme fund the installation of charging points, and excluded any area with off-street parking, which had determined the locations of the charging points.

·        This procurement would address the gaps in geographical provision since subsidised funding would no longer be required from the Central Government as the model is fully funded.


4.4      Cllr Druitt was informed that:

·        New government legislation stated that all new fast and rapid chargers must include contactless provision, which had been written into the specification, therefore, existing rapid chargers would be converted within 2-3 months to comply.

·        Work was ongoing nationally, with regards to linking up the various apps available, to provide a more customer friendly service.


4.5      RESOLVED: The Procurement Advisory Board to provide recommendations to the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee on the procurement and award of a Concession Contract for the supply, installation, maintenance, support, and management of a minimum of:

-     [100] Rapid Charging Points

-     [000] Ultra-Rapid Charging Points

-     [250] Fast Charging Points

-     [650] Slow Charging Points.

           The Council is proposing to award a Concession Contract in the form of three (3)       separate lots.

1.   Lot 1: Slow Electric Vehicle Charging Points Network

2.   Lot 2: Fast Electric Vehicle Charging Points Network

3.   Lot 3: Ultra-Rapid and Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging Points Network

For each Lot, the Council is seeking one (1) Concessionaire to provide a non-exclusive fully managed solution for an electric vehicle charging network within the city of Brighton and Hove to be used by residents, workers, and visitors. This shall include the supply, installation, maintenance, support, and management of the equipment supplied under the Concession Agreement for each Lot.

Tenders may be submitted for one, two or for all three (3) lots. The Council has decided not to limit the number of lots that may be awarded to one tenderer. Where more than one lot is awarded to the same tenderer, the council reserves the right to award contracts combining any two or all three lots.

           Each Concession Contract:

-     Shall be Non-Exclusive

-     Shall run alongside existing Non-Exclusive Electric Vehicle Concession Contract the Council has previously entered into. So, each network will run alongside the current network provided by EB Charging Ltd.

-     Shall be based on the fully funded model whereby the Concessionaire shall fully        fund the entire contract provision (including all works and operating costs).

-     Shall require the Concessionaire to pay the Council a fixed set income in respect of every Kilowatt-hour (KWh) sold (from the four types of Electric Vehicle Charge        Points (EVCPs) listed above) during the contract. Note: Consumer Price Indexing (CPI) shall be applied annually to this fixed set income.

-     Shall require the Electric Vehicle User to pay an EVCP overstay charge to the Council, when its Electric Vehicle remains in the Electric Vehicle Charging Bay        beyond the set Electric Vehicle Charging time. The EVCP overstay charge will be set by the Council. Fifty percent (50%) of the income received from BHCC EVCP   overstay charges during the term of the contract shall be shared with the        Concessionaire (paid in arrears quarterly).

-           Shall have a Contract term of an initial period of ten (10) years from the Operational Commencement Date with the option (at the Council’s discretion) to extend by a further period or periods totalling a five (5) year period subject to satisfactory performance by the Concessionaire.

-           Shall require the Concessionaire to install the minimum number of charge points within three years of the start date of the contract.

-           Shall have an approximate total contract value of £78 million [excluding VAT]. As per Regulation 9(3) of The Concession Contracts Regulations 2016, the overall total estimated contract value of the concession contract is the estimated total         turnover of the concessionaire generated over the duration of the contract; net of value added tax.