Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee

Agenda Item 65(b)


Subject:                    Member Questions


Date of meeting:    17 January 2023



The question will be answered without discussion. The person who asked the question may ask one relevant supplementary question, which shall be put and answered without discussion. The person to whom a question, or supplementary question, has been put may decline to answer it. 


The following written questions have been received from Members

This Committee:



(1)          Councillor Fishleigh- Pavements on Rottingdean High Street


The pavements on Rottingdean High Street need refurbishing as they are slippery and uneven. In addition, in some places the pavement is almost the same level as the road which makes people feel unsafe and unprotected from traffic.  Please would BHCC inspect the pavements and produce a plan and estimated budget in preparation for the Government’s next round of funding for active travel


(2)          Councillor Fishleigh- Valley Gardens Phase 3


When will work start on Valley Gardens stage 3, how long will it last, will buses and other motor traffic be diverted and what is the estimated cost estimate for the project?


(3)          Councillor Fishleigh- Falmer Road

What is the timescale for a complete resurfacing of the southern end of Falmer Road?


(4)          Councillor Fishleigh- Bike Stands


How much will it cost to install the proposed bike stands in Saltdean Oval Park and in Rottingdean?  Please would you break down figures by area


(5)          Councillor Fishleigh- Greenways in Ovingdean


Have officers visited the area where new pavement is needed and existing pavement needs adopting and renovating by BHCC? If so, what is the cost estimate for this?


(6)          Councillor Platts- Public toilets and outdoor fitness



In October, the Council issued a corporate briefing about the rise in Covid and flu, reminding people of the need for good hygiene. The Council also says it is encouraging ‘Active Travel’ and is supportive of other outdoor fitness groups, all of which are year-round activities. At the same time the Council is reducing the opening times of public toilets and unable to keep them stocked with toilet paper and soap. Shaving bits off the public toilets budget is a false economy because it undermines the Council’s own public health initiatives. Will the Co-Chairs agree to undertake some joined-up thinking so the Council has a plan to both encourage outdoor fitness and ensure toilets are kept open to meet needs and comply with basic hygiene standards?


(7)          Councillor Platts- Graffiti on business properties


What financial support can be provided to local businesses across the City, particularly independents, who are struggling to afford the cost of repeatedly cleaning graffiti off their properties and may not be able to afford CCTV? Please note that the previous answer given at the last ETS meeting gave no indication of what financial help might be available which could become a huge burden to small businesses


(8)          Councillor Platts- Graffiti on council properties


What action is the Council taking to clean graffiti from its own properties and street furniture across the City?


(9)         Councillor Platts- Double yellow lines


When will double-yellow lines be painted on Sheepcote Valley Way to allow a clear route for vehicles trying to get to and from the various sites located off that access road?  Please note that this question was referred back via the casework management system at the last ETS but as it has already been through that process and meetings have taken place on site, I would like a response at the next ETS meeting that gives a timescale for action please


(10)      Councillor Platts- Glass recycling


Can the Council advise on the timescale for trialling glass recycling bins alongside communal bins in Brunswick & Adelaide and Regency Wards and if successful, when this will be extended to the rest of the City?


(11)      Councillor Platts- Democracy on ET&S


Will the Co-Chairs explain why they are undermining democracy and transparency on ETS by refusing to answer more than one written question at ETS meetings and refusing to answer other questions in writing (all of which met the rules of the Council’s constitution) and instead referring them back to Council Officers?


(12)       Councillor Nemeth- Portland Road

What have the delays been to date in implementing the Committee’s agreement to implement a speed limit of 20mph on Portland Road in Hove?


(13)       Councillor Nemeth- Bins


Will the Chair back calls for an extension, especially to the west, of the Council’s T-zone to prevent private bins being kept on the public highway?