Full Council

Date of meeting 15th December 2022


Agenda Item 65(d)(2)




Cycle Hangars


This Council:


  1. Notes unfavourable national press coverage of the roll-out of the Council’s cycle hangar scheme
  2. Expresses concern over the use of the Budget process, rather than a standard Officer Report at Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee, to implement the scheme; thereby avoiding scrutiny of financial, legal and equality issues and numerous other related matters;
  3. Expresses concern at reports from residents that workers who installed the cycle hangars were advised by council staff to “call the police immediately if there was any trouble” in response to residents politely sharing concerns;
  4. Notes the lack of consultation that has taken place with residents over hangar locations; and


Therefore, resolves to:

  1. Calls for an Officer Report detailing all elements of the cycle hangar scheme, to include details of the exact criteria used to accept or decline cycle hangar placements.