Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee

Agenda Item 63(c)


Subject:                    Deputations


Date of meeting:    17 January 2023



A period of not more than fifteen minutes shall be allowed at each ordinary meeting of the Council for the hearing of deputations from members of the public. 


Notification of three Deputations has been received. The spokesperson is entitled to speak for 5 minutes.


1)            Deputation: Our tree

On 25 of March 2021 the tree on the corner of Sudeley Terrace and Upper Sudeley Street was felled; to our knowledge this tree has stood for over 30 years. Concerned neighbours questioned those undertaking the felling and were all assured that a new tree or new trees would be planted. It was claimed that the tree being felled was diseased.

Since that time and with the support of Councillor Nancy Platts residents have attempted to ascertain when a new tree or trees will be planted. As can be seen this process has to date been unresolved for over 20 months.

We ask the ETS committee to investigate the undertaking of planting/re-planting of trees on Sudeley Terrace and Upper Sudeley Street and report their findings.


Supported by:

Gordon Fletcher

Barbara Campey

Sally Judd

Caroline Sutherland

David Sutherland

Richard Gatenby

Kevin Newman


















2)            Deputation: Climate Assembly

We believe that Brighton and Hove City Council is introducing highways and traffic measures which are at odds with the plans and requirements laid out within the BHCC Climate Assembly Report.

It can be seen that little or no thought is being given to the Priorities laid out in the Climate Assembly Report when planning highway changes to certain areas.


Priorities such as:

Priority 1 – Car Free City Centre

Priority 3 – Healthier Low Traffic/Pedestrianised Communities

Priority 5 – Mobility Hubs

Priority 7 – Park and Ride

Priority 8 – Public Transport as a more convenient transport alternative

Priority 10 – Focus on incentives rather than sanctions

Priority 1.3 – Implementation


All of the above Priorities contain conditions that the Climate Assembly believe are essential before  BHCC should implement any changes to transport and highways infrastructure within the city.

We have found that many of these conditions are simply not being met.


For example –


1)    “Careful consideration should be done to consider and alleviate increased pollution in and around school streets when implementing any changes.” Not being done by BHCC.

2)    “The council should report back to the community about what was done with their feedback and why, proving that they're listening.” Again, not being done by BHCC.

3)    “Exceptions must be made for people who need cars and other vehicles, like blue badge holders and deliveries.” This has not been done in numerous cases.

4)    “The council should actively consult and engage with neighbourhoods within the community.” This is frequently not done with residents in any meaningful manner - for example in the Upper North Street area with respect to the Western Rd developments.



At present, BHCC are ignoring these Priorities in favour of swift implementation of changes that it wishes to get done as soon as possible. Currently, residents are being ignored and sidelined, and are being fed with opacity and sometimes, misinformation.


We ask Brighton and Hove City Council to go back to it's Climate Assembly Report and to make sure that all of the conditions laid out in the Priorities are met in full when planning and introducing changes to highways and transport measures.


Supported by:

Chris Taylor (Lead Spokesperson)

David Perris

Gill Perkins

Helen Streames

Tim Nicholls


















































3)            Deputation: Cycle Storage at Preston Park Velodrome

Brighton Multicultural Women’s Cycle Club (aka The BMWs) aims to empower local women from diverse ethnic backgrounds to cycle. By enabling our members to ride bicycles, we improve access to our City’s services, education and employment opportunities, as well as improving mental and physical health and well-being and tackling climate change and pollution.

We are a constituted cycle club born out of lockdown to address the need for exercise and social interaction and as a vehicle for migrant women to develop their English. Currently our club has 70 members and is registered with Cycling UK as one of their partner community cycle clubs. Using the Velodrome and surrounding Preston Park, with bikes from Brighton Bike Hub and Sustrans, women from diverse ethnic backgrounds meet weekly to learn to cycle and practise English. We have previously received support from Brighton & Hove City Council in the form of BME Community Engagement and ESOL funding and the provision of Bikeability training for some women. We worked with local artists on a Council funded project to create the new mural in the Velodrome and are committed to maintaining this space as an attractive and inclusive community cycle track.

Our members love Preston Park as a green space, away from traffic and noise, and from their daily routines, with the Velodrome providing an ideal location for learning to cycle. Many of our members have gone from total beginners to cycling around the City, which is hugely empowering and liberating for them.

However, in order to support total beginners to learn to cycle, bikes need to be stored at this meeting point, the Velodrome. Beginner riders cannot cycle through busy traffic to reach the place where they learn to cycle.

The Youth Cycle Club at Preston Park have been supportive by loaning us space for a few bikes in their container at the Velodrome. This has been invaluable but is not sustainable, as the storage is not available from February to October, the best months for cycling, and we need space for more bikes.

This situation is very frustrating as it severely limits what we can achieve. We desperately need a better storage arrangement allowing more bikes to be stored and throughout the year. We would like to organise our own designated shipping container for this. A shipping container of our own would make a huge difference, enabling us to provide cycle practice for more women and throughout the year, while also enabling participants to continue to improve English, and further develop skills, confidence and community relationships. Such a facility would also provide a base for tools which our members, and potentially other Velodrome users, could access to do repairs and adjustments (e.g. inflating tyres, repairing punctures, adjusting brakes & seat heights, lubricating chains, etc).

Unfortunately, our request for space for such a container was refused by City Parks who say they will not allow more shipping containers in the park. We are therefore appealing to this Committee to urge City Parks to reconsider this position and to allow us space to install a container. There is ample space for this. Alongside the three existing shipping containers used for cricket, cycle racing and youth cycling, a fourth for multicultural women learning to ride would not have a negative visual impact. This container would significantly improve the facilities for cycling at the Velodrome, broadening access for this group.

We appeal to you to support us in this way. Thank you.


Supported by:

Israa Mohammed

Tayebeh Rostamian

Laila Elsayed

Vanina Sosa

Manal Abdallo

Cicely Lloyd (Lead Spokesperson)